Assassin’s Creed 3 concept art is all about the eagles and oil paint

OPM: So it turns out there’s a big ol’ book of Assassin’s Creed 3 art heading your way to coincide with the game’s imminent release. However there’s also plenty of concept art floating around with I’ve pooled together.

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3-4-52154d ago

Is it weird that I'm about to cancel my pre-order today when the game is released tonight.

Don't have enough for this Halo 4 & Cod so I'm about to cancel my Halo 4 & AC3 pre-orders but will eventually purchase both games in about a month.

I'm hyped for this game more so than for any other AC game.....Hopefully the game is awesome and you guys all have a great time with it though.

GamingManiac2154d ago

Just AC3 and trade it in for BO2 as soon as you're done with it, should still have high trade in value after only 2 weeks

Thefreeman0122155d ago

i ish i didnt have so much work that i could actually play this on opening day. or week even

Adexus2155d ago

These look stunning! Wish they were in 1080p so I could use them as wallpapers.