3 Ways Skyrim was a disappointment

In light of Skyrim’s sweeping victory at Friday’s Golden Joystick Awards, where it won three awards including GOTY, it seems only right, in the interest of balance, to point out a few of the reasons this latest Elder Scrolls title may not have been fully deserving of the coveted prizes recently bestowed upon it. I’m not saying Skyrim’s a bad game, as my 96 hours within its vast landscape proves, but what you need to understand is that its predecessor, Oblivion, was one of the greatest games ever released. It allowed amazing freedom, a diverse range of guild’s and groups one could join, each with its own story-arc, and, most importantly, the feeling that ANYTHING could happen.

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nrvalleytime2086d ago

A few of these complaints are really spot-on, but I honestly enjoyed Skyrim.

It wasn't the greatest open-world game, but it still managed to be extremely fun and worth the money.

sdozzo2085d ago

Agreed. Maybe because the game is so big it harbors more problems for developers, but I'm right around 100 hours and I see new stuff every time I venture out. Epic.

hilmart2085d ago

My disappointments:
1. Console port
2. Extremely limited item customization. They got it right with Morrowind, what that hell happened? My guess is consoles.
3. Immortal children
4. Lack of skills such as Athletics and Acrobatics
5. 32-bit application. Max 4GB of memory is too small for this kind of game.
6. DLC is overpriced and Xbox gets them (at least Dawnguard, not sure about Hearthfire) 1-month prior everyone else.
7. Could have released the creation kit earlier.

violents2085d ago

I am a ps3 owner so i think this list should be much longer. I did enjoy the game and would love to have some dlc (cough cough hint bethesda cough cough) And even though i didnt have as many problems as others there were a lot of weird glitches and problems in this game.

MasterD9192085d ago

I enjoyed it for the most part, and especially in the beginning...but the NPC's seem awfully stale. I actually looked forward to running into enemies more than allies.

A little personality goes a long way.

And I would have preferred if they left the limb dismemberment in the game. FO3 and NV had it...don't really see why Skyrim shouldn't have allowed it.

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