Borderlands 2 Graveyard Virus. Think twice before playing online

Think twice before playing online, you might never see your character again.

We've already establish how great Borderlands 2 is, and we've been enjoying it ever since. However, something has been plaguing the game. A virus known as Graveyard.

This virus is infecting players on the Xbox 360 who play the multiplayer aspect. The virus deletes and replaces your save file with the Graveyard file which causes your character to die as soon as they spawn and will not be able to respawn.

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TheLiztress1998d ago

I've been reading about this virus. And it makes me worry that I could lose a lot of hours that I've put into the game.

It makes me wonder though. Just who would want to do this? And why?

ziggurcat1997d ago

bu-bu-bu-but hackers only hack for the greater good, and freedom. they *never* do anything that would ever harm and/or ruin the enjoyment of something for everyone else...


if think the question i have is - how would this even be possible if you're not really uploading/downloading any files while you're playing online to begin with.

AngelicIceDiamond1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I just love how in this generation its hardly safe to play a game online anymore.

We've heard of computers getting hacked, MMO games getting hacked.

never in our right mind did we think console games getting hacked.

Until this gen started, now the average online gamer is at risk of getting hacked, either through an online game or your personal PSN or Xbox Live account, hell you don't even have to be playing anything.

It's ridiculous, I hope devs implement some sort of security software for online play come next gen.

LocutusEstBorg1997d ago

Things like this actually don't happen in local PC multiplayer games. It only happens because the developers take signed code for granted on consoles.

chadachada1231996d ago

The people who modded it in for themselves likely had no idea that it could "spread."

Some modders wanted a challenge, which is fair, and most likely didn't realize that it could wipe the saves of non-modders. Most likely.

Some people are just assholes, though.

LackTrue4K1997d ago

i only play with friends, and for the people that say its "fake" I will trust more the developer of the game it self, then some random person online. (that is a moder)

Bathyj1997d ago

Ow. Thats nasty. Man would you be pissed.

WetN00dle691997d ago

And this is WHY i back up my game saves. HDD to USB to Cloud!

MasterD9191997d ago

I hope they tackle this early enough...I haven't done too much CO-OP online and I'd prefer to do it sooner than later.

It wouldn't be the worst thing ever if I lost the save, but I do worry about any further damage to my account or console. You never know with these fools...

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