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Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! My battle cry resonates with my Agatha brethren as we sprint towards our enemy – those despicable Masons – on a collision course with certain death. With my towering great sword firmly clasped with both hands I leap into the fray, my timed slash decapitating the the helmeted vanguard in front of me.'

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topekomsi2086d ago

Saw some awesome gameplay, game looks sic. Spears and arrows for snipers. Sword, axe spear thingy, even a mace. Wow

ATi_Elite2086d ago

This game is totally cool and a Good break from all the crummy Modern Warfare games out. Nothing better than cutting someones Head and arms off!!

I highly recommend Chivalry and War of the Roses for some good ole fashion Medieval Warfare!