Remove SingStar icon from XMB say PS3 users

ProductReviews: The moment most PlayStation 3 users received the new firmware update, 4.30, it seems that something stood out right away and that had been the new icon that appeared in XMB. This led to people looking for ways to remove the SingStar icon from XMB, which might not be an easy task for a number of weeks according to an Online Support Coordinator on the official PlayStation forums

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Hellsvacancy2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I dont want it on PS3, id be happy if the app would move down my games list, like if i put Journey on for example, it should move Singstar down 1, and so on

Its always there now, its the first thing i see when i turn on my PS3, my daughter has been questioning me on what it is "its crap, Evelyn ignore it"

black9112150d ago

You can't sing your way out of this one.

jimbobwahey2150d ago

The XMB just continues becoming increasingly bloated as time goes by, which is a shame to see. It's a slick interface but Sony keeps adding junk to it that people don't want. The forced addition of SingStar is annoying (we should be allowed to delete it if we want) and besides that, I've always thought it was dumb having links to the PlayStation Store under two sections, along with that useless "What's New" box.

I wish that we could delete/hide all the elements that we don't want.

pixelsword2150d ago

Let us decide what we have and don't have on our XMB huh, Sony?

Slapping icons on our XMB is no different than commercials on XBL.

badz1492150d ago

we're still not over this?? what the hell is wrong with people? I just don't understand how a feature they don't use upset them so much? it doesn't take a thing from you but somehow it warrants a backlash like this? XBL gold subscribers got ads plastered all over their interface but I don't see them rioting non stop over it and they are PAYING customers! but when Sony starts to advertize 1 thing, they're evil? and they don't even ask for your money to use it!

I imported my PS3 from Japan and live in a country where the PSN is not even half as good as the states'! I got plenty of unusable apps due to region restrictions on my XMB! so what do I do? but am I complaining? why the hell should I? I don't even use them and they don't take away anything from me!

mi_titan272150d ago

I recently downloaded the firmware update and i dont have singstar on there at all, ive even looked for it wondering what everyone on here was talking about

Jamzluminati2150d ago

I own two versions of Singstar and I am still looking for the icon.


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DarthJay2150d ago

There is absolutely ZERO reason why people shouldn't be able to completely delete it if they want to, and there is absolutely ZERO explanation that would change that fact.

I don't particularly care on my end, it's just the principle.

CommonSenseGamer2150d ago

The reason is that its Sony's console and they can do what they like with it. Want a more customisable O/S and I'm thinking you have the wrong device.

DarthJay2150d ago

Sweet. Then they deserve to have people bitch about it.

Hicken2150d ago

I'm guessing you would suggest people get a 360 instead? Because you can CERTAINLY customize those ads right off the dashboard, right?

Oh, you can't?

So there are things on all consoles that shouldn't be there that you CAN'T move or remove?

Neko_Mega2150d ago

I could care less, now if they made it were you can remove it. I guess that would shut alot of people up, but I don't see why its something to cry about.

mayberry2150d ago

I have the latest update and no "singstar" icon on my XMB, is this regional?

Ron_Danger2150d ago

I'm pretty sure it's a European thing. If you're in the States, you're in the clear.

Cam9772150d ago

It annoys me and I hate it, why can't we delete the silly thing?

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