Killzone HD Review [TheSixthAxis]

Killzone is one of Sony’s biggest franchises and this gen Killzone 2 & 3 have both been received well critically and commercially. Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the franchise, have now given the original Killzone an HD makeover. There’s a decent game here but there are reminders that this is very much a title from the PS2 era.

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fOrlOnhOpe572119d ago

Nice to have the old girl back but the cut scenes look worse than the PS2 version somehow. And I go to Specsavers lol

Hatsune-Miku2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Such an awesome game where you get to see how killzone started and evolved into what it is now. Most things stayed true in the killzone universe. Good score for a good game. This is the only shooter I would consider being different in the fps genre

mayberry2119d ago

Im a huge fan of the series and the ISA/Helghast universe. Very good shooter.

ATi_Elite2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Yeh I love the KZ series, one of the best FPS series to date.

I hope to see a Proper big budget KZ movie one day cause the KZ Universe is fantastic!

Bring on KZ4