Aveline's world looks better on Vita than on home consoles

Small comparison of graphics in the ACIII games

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Muffins12232091d ago

Well,this comparison is weak due to the fact that one of them is a farm type of area and the other is in a city,assassins creed 3 on consoles has better graphics...

DivineAssault 2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

i agree but the vita version isnt lacking graphically.. The choice of landscapes in the 360 version was obviously chosen to make vita stand out.. However, the simple fact that vita does look richer in some areas over a home console is a great accomplishment.. Im surprised at how well it looks on vita.. This is a handheld & not a console but it feels like a console & looks like a console build.. Thats amazing considering that other mobil devices wont receive software giving this type of experience..

3ds simply cant do a game anywhere near like this & tablets dont have buttons to give it the feel nor development resources to build a detailed game like this..
Cant wait to get it tomorrow.. Ill play AC3 on PS3 after i complete liberation..

YoungPlex2091d ago

Sooo, the 3DS comes into play where? Man, stick to the topic!

OT:Obviously everyone knows the console version looks best and that these pictures were clearly chosen to make the Vita version shine. It's just funny how they use the least populated area on 360 and the highest density are on Vita for the comparison. People are smart enough to figure it out...

Gr812091d ago

He can't help himself. He's on some sort of crusade.

ooquis2090d ago

YoungPlex The point his trying to make, back in the day when the vita launched it was always 3DS VS PSVITA grafically. Nowadays it's PS3/360 VS PSVTIA. And for a handheld it's [email protected]#king impressive.

SandWitch2091d ago

I agree that in these screens AC3:L looks better, but I saw a PS3 gameplay video yesterday and it definitely looked better than VITA's AC. This comparison is a bit tricky to be honest.

Though Liberation is still an amazing achievement, especially knowing that this is an early game in VITA's life cycle.

GribbleGrunger2091d ago

Yeah, this article is disingenuous to say the least. They've clearly selected certain screenshots with the sole purpose of proving their point. AC3L does look fantastic, there is no doubt, but the 360 version has definitely got the edge. I've seen plenty of footage of the PS3 version and, other than the extra content, the 360 looks exactly the same.

paranoid19712091d ago

How can the 360 version have "the edge" when you then say it looks exactly the same? Surely that would give the ps3 version "the edge" as it has extra content

GribbleGrunger2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

The article compares 360 screenshots with Vita screenshots, hence: 'the 360 has the edge'. Then you'll notice I place a full stop after the word 'edge' and make another comment. It's closely related to the same point so there was no need for another paragraph. And you'll notice, because I make that comment about extra content a sub-clause, that the main focus is still on 'graphics', which is what I am responding to. Hope that clears it up.

Nimblest-Assassin2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

I find it weird they made this article... AC3 shipped early for me (futureshop messed up), and Im going to pick up ACL tongiht, but those areas in the screen shots are very rural areas, where as the screens in ACL are more urban

Here is a shot of an actual city in AC3

I capped this one, also this is relatively early in the game

Essentially these guys tried to get hits by saying the vita is more powerful than current consoles... so they used a bias

r212091d ago

Is it me or is the draw distance on the vita...better? Maybe im thinking wrong.

violents2091d ago

Im a PS fan and i dont think that's a fair comparison, the farm pics on 360 dont look as busy as the vita city pics. So its hard to say which is better. I would imagine that they all look good but come on, at least compare screens that are similar.

jjb19812091d ago

They did a great job with the vita version.

cmpunk532091d ago

Might not be as good as the console version but they definitely did an awesome job for th ps vita! I cant wait for when ready at dawn, square enix, or hopefully bethesda finall develops a game for the vita.

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