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Ragnarok Odyssey rules; it’s just that simple.

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miyamoto2089d ago

Japan & Korea should make more collaborative games like this.

DivineAssault 2089d ago

cant wait for my mercenary edition 2moro.. My expectations arent too high since this is a launch title for japan thus less development time but i have been waiting a while to play it.. I hope games like this get localized sooner nx time so it wont feel outdated by the time it reaches the west

TheLastGuardian2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I'm getting the Mercy Edition by this Friday. I pre-ordered it for $38 on Newegg. Can't wait to play it and Ass Creed III: Liberation. PS Vita exclusives FTW!

Aceman182088d ago

i got this, AC3, AC Liberation, and NFS MW all bought an paid for tomorrow. only problem is hurricane sandy smacking nyc around right now lol.

Exceed2089d ago

Fair warning... The game's lock on camera can get quite frustrating especially with numerous enemies on screen and the relatively small spaces a player might be backed into.

belac092089d ago

i need more money. i will have, it but i want it TOMORROW!

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