UK Software Chart: Medal of Honor trumps FIFA 13 for week of October 27th

El33tonline writes:

"FIFA’s reign at the top of Chart Track’s UK Software Sales listing has come to an end, but EA is still in the pound seats because the publisher’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter has just taken up the chart throne."

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Blankman851872d ago

This truly is the shooter generation. Such a shame when mediocre games sell based on brand name and little else.

Rampaged Death1872d ago

Shooter generation ? Disagree with that when FIFA has topped the sales for the last month. Assassins will also top sales next week.

Blankman851872d ago

And then CoD will dominate for the duration of the year and half of the next. No you're right, not the shooter generation at all. . .end sarcasm

fermcr1872d ago

Forza did well in individual charts. I hope i keeps doing well. Very good game.

GraveLord1872d ago

Don't worry MoH won't sell much. In fact it won't reach anywhere near the sales of the 2010 reboot.

mcstorm1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I really hope Forza Horizon sells well as its my game of the year so far. But that said I have yet to see an advert for Forza Horizon in the UK but there has been a lot on for MOH, Halo 4 and COD B2.

Then again ive just seen this:

And it shows Forza sold more in the UK on the 360 than MoH so im happy with that.