The Classification system isn't working, and there's a clear reason why

Stevo writes: "From what I understand the classification system is designed to make people aware of the content in a video game, a film or television programme. It helps parents know what games are suitable for minors (which I classify in this case as under-15s) and what games are not. Unfortunately, this isn't working in many cases, and two parties are to blame; parents and retailers."

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Cam9772121d ago

It's the stupid parents buying their 9y/o child a game rated 18.

Neonridr2121d ago

Parents have no clue what they are buying for their kids half the time. It's their responsibility to monitor what their kids are doing, however most parents claim they have no idea how bad the games are.

KMCROC2121d ago

for Pete sake the box indicate rated M ,blood ,gore ,violence . really how much more to they need to know before they say no johnny.

Cam9772120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Exactly, it's as if they see games as a babysitter to look after their children. It's ridiculous! The mellowed image of violent videogames is also seen on TV, rather than showing violence on TV ads for violent games, the developers avoid it (TV restrictions?).

It really needs to be addressed in some way or another. You know it's gone too far when I get a message from an 11 year-old saying 'fuck you bitch'. It disgusts me that parent are so foolish.

Right now I might go an make a video compilation of violent games showing how violent they can be. I will call it 'WATCH THIS BEORE BUYING CHILDREN 18+/M RATED CONTENT,' I already have a couple of ideas.
• Hitman: Blood Money garden shears kill animation.
• Mw2 "No Russian" level.
• Sniper Elite V2 killcam.
• GRAND THEFT AUTO: IV: TLAD - the guy's penis that is shown.

GraveLord2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

There's nothing wrong with that. If you are a good parent, your kid wont' end up a killer. Plain and simple. There have yet to be any studies that prove that violent video games create killers. It's the other way around, killers are attracted to violent video games.

EDIT: It's funny how many of you people say you hate how these kids are playing online yet you were a kid once would have been playing the same games if they were available back then. Don't tell me you never played a Rated-M title as a kid. Liar.

ATi_Elite2120d ago

It's the United States piss poor Public Education system.......Parents and Kids are too stupid to read the BACK OF THE FRIGGIN BOX to know what type of game little 6 year old Johnny is buying!

Therefore 6 year old Johnny ends up buying the Grand Theft Auto: "F'em in the Asterisk until they all Die" DLC! So Now Johnny's Stupid No parental guidance Parents are all upset at what little Johnny brought home to play.

Well it's not like Bobby the "Game Stoppage" salesperson asked little Johnny for I.D. but then again if this little snot nose brat can get to the mall by himself and walk around with $2000 cash in his pocket without getting robbed, well little Johnny deserves to buy whatever game he wants!

So therefore Little Johnny's Lazy Parents or Forgetful Nanny should of been at the store with Little Johnny and read the BACK OF THE FRIGGIN BOX and made a Parental Decision instead of relying on Bobby the Jerk-off Sales person just trying to do his crummy job of trading in broken Nintendo64's for $2 store credit without the Hassle of having to NOW I.D. every Brat that comes into the store.

But hey somebody has got to be responsible right? So i guess we blame little Johnny for wanting to play violent video games in the first place! Little Johnny fell victim to all the glamorous advertising that these violent video games show on TV 24/7/365!

Darn You Game Devs and Advertisers for promoting Violence to our youth! I curse you!

Even though Cable News reports REAL LIFE EVENTS that are all Doom and Gloom 24/7/365 nobody ever Blames the screwed up world we live in cause that would just be Art or "Video Games" imitating Society or our "Life"!

There has been Violence before Electricity and there will be Violence after Electricity so therefore it's up to PARENTS to guard against their Kids content!

Don't blame video games for violence when you have No CLue what your kid is doing! Be a Parent and buy games for your kid instead of just sending them to the store with money!

and read the back of the Box you Clown!

TheLyonKing2121d ago

It is impossible to monitor it no matter what you do.

Parents will lie and say it is for them and go and give it to their child, you can get games online too at this stage no matter what steps you take next it would only hurt the games industry.

csreynolds2121d ago

Parents are the problem. That's why 90% of Call of Duty lobbies are occupied with obnoxious teenagers with potty mouths...

ChronoJoe2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

The reason the classification system doesn't work is because parents don't realistically believe that a video game can have significant affect on their child.

Most parents simply trust their child to be able to distinguish reality from the game - which is relatively easy considering the context in which most games are playable (third person, with a controller, it's easy to detract from an experience that differentiates itself so significantly from reality).

Ultimately whilst the classification system indeed, doesn't work - it's not that big of a deal on video games, which is why it's often taken lightly.

I watched a plethora of violent movies, and played violent video games. As a child. Through primary school friends and I used to discuss games like Manhunt, The Suffering and Nightmare Creatures, back when we were as young as 8-10. None of us are serial killers, I'm not even remotely violent.

Hicken2121d ago

While I can say that it IS the retailers' faults if they're not adhering to the rules, no amount of rule-following on their behalf will keep these games out of kids' hands if the parents aren't doing THEIR part.

Indeed, the reason why it's been thrust upon retailers to follow these ratings is because the parents didn't do their homework on games.

PsnGammer212121d ago

But for real their is no way you can blame it on retailers. The people who work at these must ask the parents first before selling the game, And that makes the purchase and use of these mature games. So parents are only to blame not the retailers.

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