Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"On paper Dragon Ball Z for Kinect sounds like it may be one of the best Kinect experiences you may find outside of a dance game. However it simply boils down to being a bare-bones offering that provides simplistic and repetitive fights against some of the biggest opponents in Dragon Ball Z with absolutely zero build-up. To top that off, anything that spices up the action usually is met with the Kinect failing to recognize your motions. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect could have been something great, but ultimately is something that should be passed up unless you are dying to see how Episode of Bardock turns out."

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moosekebabs2090d ago

Does it make you hold your arms in the air for a few days to do a spirit bomb?

masterabbott2090d ago

ohh man i didnt know it was going to be that bad, thats sad!

rezzah2090d ago

Better off joining a martial arts class to spar.

Clarence2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Why would you think it would be good? Kinect is horrible for any game that evolves quick movement. Hell kinect is just bad period.

LinkageAX2090d ago


aNDROiD17_2090d ago

fuck kinect games are useless, even playstation move is better

Shadonic2090d ago

where were you when fable the journey got a 7/10 from ign i love kinect and even i thought this game was gonne be crap. People are still biased about the device and pretend as though good games cant be created for consoles or controllers because there controllers there wrong great games can be created for kinect as well its just harder and involves more thinking than applying a command to a button everyone has than applying a command to a gesture that players can try to do in thousands of ways.

Godmars2902090d ago

People are bias against motion controls in general because of the amount of attention they've gotten versus their low success rate and functionality.

The only reason the Move gets a few more points is that its a more complete version of the Wii while Kinect gets blasted because MS was more concerned in selling it as an idea than being concerned if it worked.

abzdine2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

i thought Kinect won the award of innovation of the year? Seen like this it should have won the price of garbage piece of junk of the year.

*roll eyes*

5$ EyeToy does much better than this i rememebr that game with Ninjas at least you see your whole body in the screen and it works quite well than this. Where are the games for hardcore they promised ?

Godmars2902090d ago

"i thought Kinect won the award of innovation of the year?"

More like bought.

Shadonic2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

people would know why they won it if they knew the difference between a webcam everybody already had just for the ps2 but with developers that knew how to innovate with a device that tracked moveing or changeing pixels and a device that utilizes 3 cameras to track your skeleton for playing in 3D space with few innovative developers but a world full of modders and hackers tacking advantage of it.

To your other comment above : The device works just when its at near optimal conditions or the player actully finds a good place to set it up to couteract their limited playspace example of this is a youtube user darthgarvi i belive he dosent have much room but he experiments with his setups finding the best place to put it to play and its worked for not only him but me and 1000's of others who actully try to make the the thing work for us instead of whineing about haveing to get up and play or adjust it. I partcially agree with you MS didnt ship a device that worked for everyone because of the required playspace but when those conditions are met or the player finds a good position to place the device the thing works. The only people i can blame here are MS and partially reviewers MS for not opening the xbox hub to developers outside of the indestry and pushing for maybe a nyko zoom bundle for gamers with smaller playspaces and for reviewers with there night and day previews and reviews ive always knew that kinect titles were going to be a crazy thing for reviewers because the functionality would be dependent on the persons ability to get a good playspace and overall how they played example look at the black guy in kotaku demonstration vids for kinect he plays as if he has a cast on or something.

Shadonic2090d ago

Eyetoy was not anything special and that game is just basic junk i mean its not even tracking you its tracking the changeing pixels through the camera and throwing images at you wildly that game was like the gamer version of teletubbies.

Godmars2902089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Good God - Do you honestly listen to yourself as you try to defend and justify the thing? Somehow its not a testament to Kinect's failure that people have to be in specific positions or furniture has to be to moved for it to work?

Nevermind that when it was getting praised it either had its own processor or people had hacked it using a PC. That MS put out the less powerful, cheaper, system should tell you where their interests and commitments were.

We're talking about a business model where a broken product is purposely shoved out to the public, and by the time Kinect 2.0 comes around it'll only be seen as a good thing - whether it works or not if only because it will work better than the first Kinect.

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