Plus XP: Little Big Planet Karting : First Impressions

GuitarGirl24 from Plus XP writes "Ever wanted to race a boxing glove through a medieval castle whilst being attacked but a fire breathing scorpion? Well Little Big planet Karting might just be for you. I got my first chance to try out the game at this years Eurogamer Expo, and today I share with you my first impressions. Afterall, it would be rude not to.
Ok so first of all everything about this game, from the mix and match visuals to the popping sound effects screams Little Big Planet. As well as the welcome return of Sackboy and his mates, we also see the return of the pod and the world map providing a familiar base for customization and exploration. As with the current Little Big Planet games pretty much everything in this world is customizable, from the Karts and Sackboy drivers to the levels themselves. The customization theme of the game did remind me a little of ModNation Racing, but the addition on the Little Big Planet graphic elements and established themes give this game a certain something which perhaps, for me ModNation lacked."

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