Does Resident Evil 6 Measure Up To Its Predecessors?

ZConnection writes: Last week, I wrote an essay of sorts over at my website questioning whether Resident Evil 6 lives up to its predecessors. Instead of just offering another opinion on a game that has already garnered more discussion than the presidential election, I thought I’d look at things in a slightly different way. The reviews for 6 are mixed to say the least, but what about the Resident Evil games of the past? What did the critics think of those games at release? It wasn’t exactly a definitive study – there aren’t many complete sources for reviews on the original games – but I found out quite a lot. Today, I’m going to compress the 6000 words to something a little more accessible.

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Hellsvacancy2152d ago

This question has already been answered

csreynolds2151d ago

This is hardly a million dollar question...

ritsuka6662151d ago

Resident Evil 6 lives up to its predecessors"


The old RE are much better games.

GrahamGolden2151d ago

RE5 isnt,just leon campaign put R5 to shame
but one campaign alone cant save this pile of shit RE6 is