Lionsgate President says Industry will unite behind Blu-Ray by the Summer

Beeks said Lionsgate Blu-ray revenue in January was about seven times higher than last year. The studio has already shipped as many BD releases this year as in entire 2007.

"We expect the industry to unite behind Blu-ray by the summer, which should drive the current HD market to triple in size from $300 million in 2007 to more than $1 billion this year," he said. "It is exciting again to have a true growth opportunity in home entertainment as we expect Blu-ray revenue to be largely incremental in the near term."

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marinelife93778d ago

Methinks he's giving that idiot Ken Graffeo and the Universal execs to much credit. They don't seem to be very good at math let alone rational thinking. I don't think they're bright enough to figure out that they need to switch before this summer.

Paramount and Universal are really missing the boat on Blu-Ray sales. The Blu-Ray install base grows every week by hundreds of thousands of PS3 and standalone players.

At least Paramount got paid for their troubles. Universal should of asked for a bribe from Toshiba to stay exclusive when Paramount did.

whoelse3778d ago

I just think that Universal or Paramount (especially Paramount) are in the process of announcing they are going blu... along with some titles (they need to have some titles to announce really when they tell the world whats their new favorite color)

Silver3603777d ago

But what makes them think consumers want to re-buy old movies in Blu-Ray. I mean new one yeah that is great but who wants to see old special effects in 1080p. So I can actually see the wires on superman? I own about 400 - 500 DVDs . It would just cost too much to replace them.