Tales of Hearts R official site opened

See the first direct-feed screenshot.

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Godchild10202121d ago

Hopefully, if Ragnarok Odyssey does well, that might consider localizing this and Innocence R. I know Ragnarok Odyssey is from a different Developer and Publisher; but it might show them that people not from Japan, that own a Vita, like games like this and are ready to support them with their money. Even if it is just downloadable only. I prefer the card, but beggars can't be choosers.

Kamikaze1352121d ago

If anything they'll localize this anyway. Tales usually does good enough in the US on Sony platforms and they mentioned wanting their Western fans to play Tales of Hearts not too long ago.

On top of this, they've been doing a great job with Tales localizations. We've gotten two in the last year and we're getting one more in a few months.

sinncross2120d ago

i think Namco does well enough to risk this. heck, leave the voice acting in Japanese if you care so much about money. Your userbase in the West will still get it reagrdless (i think)

but hopefully these do make it because Innocense and hearts were both Japan only originally right?

DivineAssault 2120d ago

Im going to support every jrpg that i can.. RO being one of em 2moro morning.. I think if Xillia does well, they will consider localizing more tales games..

The producer said that they plan on localizing many more tales games in the west so theres a good chance this & innocence will make it here.. Hopefully not years later, xillia 2 is already out in japan or close to it & we havent got 1 yet

Godchild10202120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

We got Tales of Graces early this year and that was enjoyable. Tales of Abyss for the 3DS as well; I'm always open to more Tales games.

I plan on getting the Mercenaries Edition of Ragnarok Odyssey this week. Gamestop Corp still hasn't sent the game to my local Gamestop for the 30th release date.

Ult iMate2121d ago

It looks like this game is not a lazy port from DS. Developers completely changed the engine. Nice!

tiffac0082120d ago

Come on Bamco localized this and ToI: R. You already left us dry on these games with DS, don't repeat it on the Vita.

CloudyAero2120d ago

Does anyone else look at that picture and go "Sora and Kairi at Destiny Island?" haha

TheLyonKing2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Yeah it looks a bit like that doesn't it, glad I am not the only one

TheLyonKing2120d ago

I really hope they localize it cause i am really interested in this game.