How Drinkbox Studios' grit raised an indie developer and got Guacamelee funded

The plan was always to create its own games, but it took years of work for Drinkbox Studios to earn that privilege.

In 2008, the game development studio arose from the remnants of Toronto-based developer Pseudo Interactive. When its final game lost funding, Pseudo laid off about 90 percent of its staff, and dismissed the remaining skeleton crew a few weeks later. Toronto's independent developer scene wasn't as vibrant then as it is today, and many former Pseudo employees fled Toronto for work elsewhere.

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Godchild10202036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

That was an enjoyable read and as mentioned by one of the posters on that site, it's nice knowing the background of the developer that you would like to support, how they got to where they are and the hurdles they had to jump through.

The determination they had to self publish their own titles is amazing and happy they pushed to do that and happy Sony made a better deal to have them make Guacamelee on both the PS3 and Vita. It sucks for Microsoft and how they treat indie Developers and the Publisher that wanted a cut from a game they weren't publishing on another platform.

I got to play a minute of the game on a Vita at GameStop and I found it enjoyable and the colors are vibrant (But a minute is not worth a real judgement call), but it's made by the same people that made Tales of a Mutant Blob and that is an amazing game.

sypher2035d ago

Loved Tales From Space Mutant Blob. So I'm guaranteed to love this one also. Great editorial piece, we need more like that.