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Submitted by Valay 1200d ago | news

Assassin's Creed III gets one of the first reviews

A new review for Assassin's Creed III is in, and it's perfect according to its reviewer. (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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-Mezzo-  +   1200d ago
Have had my copy since yesterday. Loving it so far.

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ResidentEvil92  +   1200d ago
Buggy as hell and the ending is horrible, but otherwise, this is a great game!
colonel179   1200d ago | Immature | show
LOGICWINS  +   1200d ago
I wasn't aware that leaving an opinion related to the topic at hand was considered to be "spam".

If anyone should be reported, I think it should be you for telling another N4G member to shut up. Reported as immature.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1200d ago
Buggy? What exactly are you experiencing?

I just completed sequence 3, and its been very smooth so far

And the ending is bad? Don't spoil... but is it mass effect 3 bad?

Also... there is a day one patch planned... so maybe it will fix some of the bugs you had

Also are you being sarcastic about it being great, or are you serious?
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M1chl  +   1200d ago
Horrible ending, like Brotherhood horrible?
brich233  +   1200d ago
What system did u play it on Residentevil92? I'm sure the game will have a day 1 patch.
josephayal  +   1200d ago
it's unplayable due to bugs, I went to my local gamestop to trade the game back
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1200d ago
@everyone who have played the game already

What are these bugs you guys are having? Can someone please elaborate on it?

I have only beaten sequence 3, and I am going to wait for the patch before continuing, because a lot of these complaints are worrying me.

Also the ending is bad? How so... avoid plot details, but explain why the ending is bad
Chucky2003  +   1200d ago
how many sequences are,i reached the 9th o
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PhoenixRising37  +   1200d ago
I.m just hoping that the ending isn't another "mythological being says earth is doomed and then Desmond says WTF" ending.I'm gowing weary of those.
NeXXXuS  +   1199d ago
Not sure if troll...
DigitalRaptor  +   1199d ago
@ Nimblest.

Not sure if ResidentEvil92 is trolling, but josephayal is a known troll who says random things to get a rise.

Unplayable..? lol.
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bunfighterii  +   1199d ago
All the AC games have crappy endings. In fact I'd say most games these days have crappy endings.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1200d ago
Fake, sorry.
brich233  +   1200d ago
the game is out, look for it on a torrent site.
Cam977  +   1200d ago
I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this.
BigShotSmoov007  +   1200d ago
Yeah, I had my copy since friday and it's one of the best games I've played and I'm not even into games like this.
smooch_357  +   1200d ago
Have you played the other games in the series, how much do you need to know the story in order to understand this one?
MostJadedGamer  +   1200d ago
"It also said that Assassin’s Creed III features the most beautiful naval battles of all time."

JohnApocalypse  +   1200d ago
It has 3D support?
Spenok  +   1200d ago
Needless to say I am jealous :(
acemonkey  +   1200d ago
are friendship is over lol jp enjoy
Awesome_Gamer  +   1199d ago
Um, why did "Mezzo-" get many disagrees? Is the game bad or what? hope not..
xtremeimport  +   1199d ago
pick mine up tomorrow. look forward to seeing the evolution of the game.
optimus  +   1200d ago
Had mine since friday, it's a bit slow until you become conner... i've only played 4 hrs of it and it's ok, so far., hasn't wowed me in the way assassins 2 did yet...we'll see.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   1200d ago
I liked the intro, as in the first mission,also loved the "assassin views the city scene" in this game

and the ending of sequence 3 surprised the piss out of me.

Music is great, I think it might be my favourite soundtrack out of all the games

Yeah... I think Im going to like Ac3 more than 2
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BLAKHOODe  +   1200d ago
Man, I loved AC2, but even it started out slow. That game really picked up once you acquired all your abilities and delivered hardcore. That's why I couldn't get into Brotherhood, because I felt like I was starting over from scratch and I never even touched Revelations. I have high hopes AC3 delivers the way AC2 did. 24 hours!
MostJadedGamer  +   1200d ago
AC2 was totally ruined by the worst AI this generation. Hopefully AC3 provides at least a little challenge.
yaz288  +   1200d ago
oh god no .. ac2 was one of the worst, don't tell me this has the same shit?! I hope conner had a better story .. ezio story was really stupid and childish compare to altier

brotherhood was awesome when I played it with pc .. revelation is imo the best so far and it nailed ezio right as character ( nothing but respect for him now).

the storytelling and the characters were really done well .. ac1 was the only to deliver a good story, characters but now we have revelation .. and hope AC3 will be also
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ShoryukenII  +   1199d ago
ACII one of the worst? Respect for Revelations? Maybe you should reread your comment.
yaz288  +   1199d ago
ac2 was boring and really stupid.. all the characters were shit.. the assassins have become a joke .. the Templars compared to ac1 are fucking laughable and pathetic and there assassination missions are noting like the first game .. and oh yeah, allot of fucking bugs

and oh god ezio was so annoying ,, (it was like watching a horrible imitation to zoro)

brotherhood started really slow but it was much better than ac2 .. I belive there are three version of ezio .. v1 > ac2 ( the ugliest) ..v2 > bh ( which presented ezio in much better way) .. v3 > revelation ( which the most badass)
FlyWestbrook  +   1200d ago
I am so god damn confused reading these comments since I thought that some places in Brasil and stuff were already selling AC3
Relientk77  +   1200d ago
Glad to hear it got a perfect score, cant wait to play it
ResidentEvil92  +   1200d ago
It is very buggy and slow paced.
konnerbllb  +   1200d ago
Note that Res's comments aren't trolling. I have a walmart manager friend and it's buggy for me as well. It could have used a few more months to polish for release, otherwise good game so far.

I wouldn't agree with the 10/10 with my 3 hours into the game, it's pretty slow and buggy so far. But nobody reviews a game only 3 hours in so what do I know :)
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ShoryukenII  +   1199d ago
Yeah....heh...nobody reviews a game only three hours in. >_>
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1200d ago
I wouldn't define any game as *perfect*

No game is perfect. A 10 out of 10 means it is a great game that everyone should play, and even though there are flaws, the overall quality of the final product allow those flaws to be overlooked.

It's no secret I love this franchise, but this is not a perfect game.

I completed the first 3 sequences, and I noticed some texture pop ins, odd animations, and some characters disappearing... but I am having such a great time playing, and experiencing stuff... I can let it slide

So even though its not perfect... its bloody excellent

Look at games like Skyrim, Red dead, GTA4, etc. Those games are not perfect, but they recieved a lot of 10 out of 10 scores
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aNDROiD17_  +   1200d ago
played it. its not that great really buggy and kinda boring
ResidentEvil92  +   1200d ago
it definitely needed some more polish time.
LOGICWINS  +   1200d ago
I plan on picking this one up when it's $30 or so. I'm pretty sure there will be a patch, if not several patches, by then.

Btw, I wanted to ask. When fighting a group of enemies, do surrounding enemies still unrealistically come at you one at a time?
konnerbllb  +   1200d ago
optimus  +   1200d ago
Depends on how many you encounter...if it's 2 or 3 then they do attack one at a time more often than not but when you're facing a group of 4 or more they do attack you at the same time which can get annoying sometimes cause you're in mid motion doing a combo kill on another. But them doing so does give you the opportunity to pull off some cool looking kills on 2 at the same time, which varies depending on the weapon you use.
#5.2.2 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1200d ago
Its unbalanced in a way

Sometimes only one comes at me... and then at others 5 guys are attacking me at once, trying to bounce me around
LOGICWINS  +   1200d ago
^^WOW, thats interesting. Those were probably the A.I. issues some reviewers were talking about.
Laphin  +   1199d ago
That's not really A.I. issues.. it's just the randomness and challenge of the game. Some enemy A.I. will come after you aggressive, some won't. It's your job to bring back the fight when one of the two happens to you.
ghostman123  +   1200d ago
All these people complaining about it being very buggy DO realize there's a day one patch, right? You're not even supposed to be playing it yet, which is why you're getting all the bugs that they (Ubisoft) likely discovered between the time they sent it out to be packaged and release day. Such bugs should be fixed in that patch. As for pacing, that seems a valid complaint I suppose, I guess we'll see on Tuesday. But then, everybody seemed to complain about Revelations and I thought it was MUCH better than Brotherhood so tastes do vary.
LOGICWINS  +   1200d ago
It's more about principle than anything else. The fact that so many games these days need Day 1 patches means that more and more devs are KNOWINGLY shipping buggy games to retailers....this suggests laziness or a rushed product.
TreMillz  +   1200d ago
Now i ask...why the hell does that matter if your going to play the patched version regardless? If its patched before it ships, you get a good product, if its patched for day one, you gotta download the patch before you play, then you will get a good product. Either way the pre-patched version is not what you will/should be playing. Maybe they do day one to meet the actual release date or something
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The Great Melon  +   1200d ago

It's also annoying to know in 10 years or so games that are currently coming out will likely be inferior when played in future. I can slap Super Metroid into any SNES and it will play the same today as it did 15 years ago. Who knows how long Sony or Microsoft will support these patches when this generation is over.

I hope some kind of entity will arise that manages to preserve games along with all of their downloadable content just like there are groups that archive movies.
#6.1.2 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report
3-4-5  +   1200d ago
They are shipping them because they are told to. The dev teams would love to have more time with them, but their superiors want it out the door so they can earn their quarterly estimated earnings or whatever it is they call it.
DigitalAnalog  +   1200d ago
Added to the fact that the reviewers copy is also based on "pre-patched" state. Since the review gave it a 10/10, what exactly does that say in the gaming media in general?
Olly  +   1199d ago
I disagree, I think it's efficient if they do have them fixed on time, it means no time has been wasted.
badz149  +   1200d ago
not gonna bust your bubble here
but you do realize that they (if they are telling the truth) are playing with the retail copy of the game, right? it means that Ubisoft shipped a BUGGY game to begin with!

1st day patch is good and all but it's useless to those with no internet connection! (I know, it's unbelievable, right?)

the way you're saying it is like you're OK with day 1 patches of broken games! this is what gamers has become? dev/publishers need to start looking back at what made them who they are - GAMERS! shipping broken games at launch and day 1 DLC are NOT the way you appreciate who butter your bread!
ghostman123  +   1200d ago
Not all bugs are going to be found in the initial testing, only the most obvious ones. The fact that they CONTINUE testing even after they've sent it out to make it as flawless as they can by the time it's out means something to me.

I can't speak for how buggy the game is before the patch, as I haven't played it and you do have a point about the no-internet-connection thing but let's face it, if you can come on N4G to complain about it, you probably have an internet connection or at the very least have a friend who will let you bring your system over and update.

I'm not even going to touch the Day 1 DLC because it really does depend on the game and the content. Some are obvious cash grabs and others simply don't fit in the main game but are fun additions nonetheless.
violents  +   1200d ago
I agree with you totally, games should be shipped with better testing and more polished products IMO.

But for the people with no internet, well honestly get with the times, But if you cant i believe gamestop will let you download patches onto a usb memory stick so you can take it home and install it yourself.

@ghostman123 I kind of agree with you but it seems odd that something that has gone through extensive testing already supposedly can have a bunch of bugs pointed out by consumers after just a couple hours of gameplay. If all it takes is a few hours to see this stuff it should have been fixed already. Game testers should have been able to point all this out already.
#6.2.2 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Laphin  +   1199d ago
I wouldn't doubt for a second that most of these BUG whiners are playing a pirated version of the game. A lot of gamers WILL do that these days, .. Pirate the game and then whine about it.

HELL, what would be most awesomely hilarious is if Ubisoft intentionally put the issue in the game to where the people that play Connor in a pirated copy end up encountering the "Shaved head version of Connor where he has a mohawk, when his hood is down part way through the game" that so many people are hating on as well.

I mean, I doubt that may be the case... but game developers are cracking down in doing stuff like that. But hey... that's how it goes.

They'll fix the game I'm sure. ;)
ghostman123  +   1200d ago
@3-4-5, wrong. There are a few interviews out there where Ubisoft actually says that they were shooting for a fall deadline because the main story arc deals with the end of the world, 12-21-2012 and they wanted gamers to have a fair chance to beat it by then. So it was the developers that opted to release it now, not their superiors. In some cases you might be right, but not here.
jjank11  +   1200d ago
@ghostman123....Even if that were true, they probably had an internal date set to be competitive in the market place and be early enough to capture the holiday season. At the end of the day its all about making money and satisfying investors.
optimus  +   1200d ago
@ghostman... Um, i don't think patches are on some kind of timer the way you're thinking cause I got the patch as soon as i started the game, not sure what it's supposed to patch cause i'm still experiencing the bugs people are reporting...this has become a staple for ubisoft as it pertains to the assassins games. Maybe they just keep using the same coding and don't care about these bugs to try a different engine, i don't know...

coincidentally, these are the typical bugs that were found in the previous games so if you were able to live with those then you are able to live with these...will they get worse? I don't know yet since i'm still very early in the game.

Also, regarding internet access...not all internet signals are highspeed. Up until a year ago i had the lowest dsl connection which was 756k (something like that) was barely fast enough to play online without lag. To download a game would take me a day and a half sometimes and patches would take 1-2 hrs...i'm just saying don't be so quick to jump to conclusions if you don't know the given situation.
#6.4 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ZoyosJD  +   1200d ago
Sure, but why the **** would they wait to patch, or even release a buggy game if reviewers are going to be reviewing that edition of the game then people are going to be reading reviews based on a buggy version of the game.

It hurts them to release a buggy game, regardless of if it is patched day 1 on otherwise.

@optimus A lot of bugs are due to game engines, and buying/useage rights/coding your own can be very time consuming and/or expensive. As well as having to learn to work with a whole new engine.

It can be quite a pain to make even small changes to an engine and most changes made between games are purely visual and not actual changes to the engine.
#6.5 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
optimus  +   1199d ago
So what you're saying is that it's ok for a game to have bugs because recoding is expensive and time consuming??... This isn't some independent developer working out of a garage, this is Ubisoft we're talking here, a million dollar corporation...

I'm not questioning the fact that the game has bugs, it's the fact that the game has the usual bugs found in the previous games, not to mention the fact that they've been planning and working on this game for over 2 yrs now (maybe more). So they had plenty of time and money to address those buggy issues found in the engine or coding...

And again, let me reiterate that having played the game for a few days now (retail copy), whatever that day 1 patch fixed was very minor because the bugs are STILL there...clipping, camera issues, a.i...etc...

Just last night a door to start a mission in boston was being guarded and i couldn't pass...i approached it from the side thinking i needed to sneak behind the guards when suddenly the icon to start the mission appeared and i teleported to the front of the door which alerted the guards but i ended up going in the door anyway...

Things like that worry me since it could eventually lock and freeze the game, hasn't happened yet, but it wouldn't surprise me...

Sidenote- the multiplayer comes in a separate disk which i haven't tried, so i don't know if there is a patch for that too.
Laphin  +   1199d ago
Same here bro... I enjoyed both Revelations and Brotherhood equally.. Brotherhood a tiny bit more because to me, it just had a little more memorable moments packed into it than Revelations, but both were awesome.
talisker  +   1200d ago
I never trust early reviews... Well, I don't trust Internet reviews anyway, but early are those I don't trust at all.
ghostman123  +   1200d ago
It's a day before release, I wouldn't call it THAT early, considering some people (NON-reviewers) have had for half a week now. This seems about right, just like reviews for movies are going to be written a few days in advance and either posted online Thursday or in the paper Friday morning.
ufo8mycat  +   1200d ago
What bugs are people encountering?
Brian1rr  +   1200d ago
Well most people are reporting from a pirated Xbox copy. There is a day 1 path for all consoles which you must download before you play and this should solve many of the bugs
brich233  +   1200d ago a-graphics-and-gameplay-issues- revealed-for-assassins-creed-3
DAS692  +   1200d ago
I'm gonna play the game....
LF91  +   1200d ago
Can't wait for this game to come out, does anyone know when all the reviews are going to start to come out?
Deeke  +   1200d ago
NO surprise there!
firefly69  +   1200d ago
Well im playing it with the patch and the game is broken,it actually haves bugs that bRAKE the game!A rushed release thats what this is!AND YES THE PATCH IS ALREADY OUT 3 DAYS AGO!
#12 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Lucreto  +   1200d ago
The game is a christmas present for me so there will be a number of patches out before I get to play it.
chukamachine  +   1200d ago
The ending is bad.

You find out, he is an assassin./S
#14 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jjank11  +   1200d ago
I will be getting this game so I do not know anything about the bugs, but I remember the day when developers would hold back games until they absolutely finished games and they released a polished product. Until gamers show their displeasure and stop paying for unpolished/broken services then companies will keep pushing the boundaries for what we will put up with.
I'll find it funny if people do not like the ending and the game is released with lots of patches and do not put out some petition.
insomniacgamer  +   1200d ago
(early copy from Big Box Mart, I am pissed I spent the money on this)


This game is NOT 10/10, more like 7/10. Starts off interesting but goes down hill fast. Do not make my mistake, rent this game before buying it.

Conner is boring as can be and the choices he makes are idiotic and bewildering at many points. He never evolves and basically is a 2 dimensional figure. Desmond? Yeah, he has the complexity of blank piece of paper, but the paper is more interesting.

The bugs that exist can not be patched easily so good luck with the pipe dream day 1 patch. Camera angles constantly shift and hide you in fights. Only main characters have fully face mapped heads, other npcs will have Frankenstein marks all over their faces from the face wrapping around the model. The AI is stupendously idiotic, combat is the same combo mash type but usually is centered totally around countering. The new elements introduced are initially interesting but very quickly become mundane and downright tedious.

Ubisoft portrayed George Washington as a complete idiot without a clue and completely made him out to be some moron. They just basically glossed over the Free Mason potential for an interesting character.

This game needed more polish, a little more work with Conner (he had so much potential given his background and certain key story points that Ubisoft failed hard on). The ending is a damn train wreck that I am sure my daughter could have written better.

Buyer beware and any site giving this a damn 10/10 or even 9/10 is either drunk or hoping to generate the bandwagon big corp gaming love with a favorable review for a wasted title.
Rattlehead20  +   1200d ago
Wait, you are pissed you bought the game despite you saying it's at least a 7/10?

Since when is a 7 a "waste of money" score?
FLAMES_187  +   1200d ago
A 7/10 is pretty below average man.
Rattlehead20  +   1200d ago
Is it? And there I am thinking a five or six is average.
insomniacgamer  +   1199d ago
It is a waste of money to me when as a fan of the IP I pay for this. I would went a "7" game and not pay $60 for it. You centered on a single comment and ignored the rest conveniently.

The game is NOT a 10/10. It is boring, bug riddled, and fails tremendously with the ending. Enjoy
FLAMES_187  +   1200d ago
Damn, you should work for a major game review website because if that's not honesty idk what it is...thanks for the heads up man.
MasterD919  +   1200d ago
I'm going to go ahead and ignore most of these comments since the main theme here is "AHHH BUGS!" and no-one here has heard of an update/patch, clearly.

Plus, how any of you have the game before release day is really mind-boggling. So I challenge your own reviews of course.
GrahamGolden  +   1200d ago
i dont understand why ppl have to disagree when someone say what he experienced during his playthrough

yes the game is buggy as fck and the ending is horrible
just because your all r AC fangirls doesnt mean WE cant point the negative aspects of the game....NOTHING is perfect get that over your head.

Its a very good game but if u think this game is the second coming of christ theN get ready to come back to earth cause its not
#19 (Edited 1200d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
rataranian  +   1200d ago
Ok so all that hype and so far I'm getting "buggy, slow, boring, bad ending, not that great" and they wanted me to pay $120 for it?
So happy I'm not a sucker for pre orders. I'll wait for the greatest hits edition at like $19 in a few months.
Chucky2003  +   1200d ago
Like most of the people said,the story drags a lot,i got bored,i stopped playing it ,i will pick up the game some other day,maybe its the new time period,its not impressive,2 cities and in rest big empty forests,that you have to run an entire map to reach a point,even though in the end i got tired of the previous games,the Renaissance period was really awesome compared to this time,those beautiful design buildings compared to trees in AC3
Plagasx  +   1200d ago
I'll wait for the definitive version the PC.
BX81  +   1200d ago
Buggy? That sux. I didn't pre order but was gonna get it day 1. Oh well, the next game for me is halo 4 then. I hope they patch it up so I can pick it up for x mas.
EmilyWilliams22   1199d ago | Spam
mrbojingles  +   1199d ago
"Assassin's Creed 3 gets one of the first reviews"?

One of THE first reviews? Not trying to be rude, but isn't that bad editing? Shouldn't it say one of it's first reviews?
seisoois   1199d ago | Spam
Benjamminkno  +   1199d ago
Reading these comments make me not want to play the game.
I probably will, though I want to wait and see what it's like on Wii U.
I couldn't wait for ME3.
Brian1rr  +   1199d ago
Than dont. Its not like ubisoft need to sell more

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