Assassin's Creed III gets one of the first reviews

A new review for Assassin's Creed III is in, and it's perfect according to its reviewer.

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-Mezzo-2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Have had my copy since yesterday. Loving it so far.

ResidentEvil922060d ago

Buggy as hell and the ending is horrible, but otherwise, this is a great game!

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LOGICWINS2060d ago

I wasn't aware that leaving an opinion related to the topic at hand was considered to be "spam".

If anyone should be reported, I think it should be you for telling another N4G member to shut up. Reported as immature.

Nimblest-Assassin2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Buggy? What exactly are you experiencing?

I just completed sequence 3, and its been very smooth so far

And the ending is bad? Don't spoil... but is it mass effect 3 bad?

Also... there is a day one patch planned... so maybe it will fix some of the bugs you had

Also are you being sarcastic about it being great, or are you serious?

M1chl2060d ago

Horrible ending, like Brotherhood horrible?

brich2332060d ago

What system did u play it on Residentevil92? I'm sure the game will have a day 1 patch.

josephayal2060d ago

it's unplayable due to bugs, I went to my local gamestop to trade the game back

Nimblest-Assassin2060d ago

@everyone who have played the game already

What are these bugs you guys are having? Can someone please elaborate on it?

I have only beaten sequence 3, and I am going to wait for the patch before continuing, because a lot of these complaints are worrying me.

Also the ending is bad? How so... avoid plot details, but explain why the ending is bad

Chucky20032060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

how many sequences are,i reached the 9th o

PhoenixRising372060d ago

I.m just hoping that the ending isn't another "mythological being says earth is doomed and then Desmond says WTF" ending.I'm gowing weary of those.

DigitalRaptor2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

@ Nimblest.

Not sure if ResidentEvil92 is trolling, but josephayal is a known troll who says random things to get a rise.

Unplayable..? lol.

bunfighterii2060d ago

All the AC games have crappy endings. In fact I'd say most games these days have crappy endings.

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brich2332060d ago

the game is out, look for it on a torrent site.

Cam9772060d ago

I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this.

BigShotSmoov0072060d ago

Yeah, I had my copy since friday and it's one of the best games I've played and I'm not even into games like this.

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MostJadedGamer2060d ago

"It also said that Assassin’s Creed III features the most beautiful naval battles of all time."


Spenok2060d ago

Needless to say I am jealous :(

acemonkey2060d ago

are friendship is over lol jp enjoy

Awesome_Gamer2060d ago

Um, why did "Mezzo-" get many disagrees? Is the game bad or what? hope not..

xtremeimport2060d ago

pick mine up tomorrow. look forward to seeing the evolution of the game.

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optimus2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Had mine since friday, it's a bit slow until you become conner... i've only played 4 hrs of it and it's ok, so far., hasn't wowed me in the way assassins 2 did yet...we'll see.

Nimblest-Assassin2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

I liked the intro, as in the first mission,also loved the "assassin views the city scene" in this game

and the ending of sequence 3 surprised the piss out of me.

Music is great, I think it might be my favourite soundtrack out of all the games

Yeah... I think Im going to like Ac3 more than 2

BLAKHOODe2060d ago

Man, I loved AC2, but even it started out slow. That game really picked up once you acquired all your abilities and delivered hardcore. That's why I couldn't get into Brotherhood, because I felt like I was starting over from scratch and I never even touched Revelations. I have high hopes AC3 delivers the way AC2 did. 24 hours!

MostJadedGamer2060d ago

AC2 was totally ruined by the worst AI this generation. Hopefully AC3 provides at least a little challenge.

yaz2882060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

oh god no .. ac2 was one of the worst, don't tell me this has the same shit?! I hope conner had a better story .. ezio story was really stupid and childish compare to altier

brotherhood was awesome when I played it with pc .. revelation is imo the best so far and it nailed ezio right as character ( nothing but respect for him now).

the storytelling and the characters were really done well .. ac1 was the only to deliver a good story, characters but now we have revelation .. and hope AC3 will be also

ShoryukenII2060d ago

ACII one of the worst? Respect for Revelations? Maybe you should reread your comment.

yaz2882060d ago

ac2 was boring and really stupid.. all the characters were shit.. the assassins have become a joke .. the Templars compared to ac1 are fucking laughable and pathetic and there assassination missions are noting like the first game .. and oh yeah, allot of fucking bugs

and oh god ezio was so annoying ,, (it was like watching a horrible imitation to zoro)

brotherhood started really slow but it was much better than ac2 .. I belive there are three version of ezio .. v1 > ac2 ( the ugliest) ..v2 > bh ( which presented ezio in much better way) .. v3 > revelation ( which the most badass)

FlyWestbrook2060d ago

I am so god damn confused reading these comments since I thought that some places in Brasil and stuff were already selling AC3

Relientk772060d ago

Glad to hear it got a perfect score, cant wait to play it

ResidentEvil922060d ago

It is very buggy and slow paced.

konnerbllb2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Note that Res's comments aren't trolling. I have a walmart manager friend and it's buggy for me as well. It could have used a few more months to polish for release, otherwise good game so far.

I wouldn't agree with the 10/10 with my 3 hours into the game, it's pretty slow and buggy so far. But nobody reviews a game only 3 hours in so what do I know :)

ShoryukenII2060d ago

Yeah....heh...nobody reviews a game only three hours in. >_>

Nimblest-Assassin2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

I wouldn't define any game as *perfect*

No game is perfect. A 10 out of 10 means it is a great game that everyone should play, and even though there are flaws, the overall quality of the final product allow those flaws to be overlooked.

It's no secret I love this franchise, but this is not a perfect game.

I completed the first 3 sequences, and I noticed some texture pop ins, odd animations, and some characters disappearing... but I am having such a great time playing, and experiencing stuff... I can let it slide

So even though its not perfect... its bloody excellent

Look at games like Skyrim, Red dead, GTA4, etc. Those games are not perfect, but they recieved a lot of 10 out of 10 scores

aNDROiD17_2060d ago

played it. its not that great really buggy and kinda boring

ResidentEvil922060d ago

it definitely needed some more polish time.

LOGICWINS2060d ago

I plan on picking this one up when it's $30 or so. I'm pretty sure there will be a patch, if not several patches, by then.

Btw, I wanted to ask. When fighting a group of enemies, do surrounding enemies still unrealistically come at you one at a time?

optimus2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Depends on how many you encounter...if it's 2 or 3 then they do attack one at a time more often than not but when you're facing a group of 4 or more they do attack you at the same time which can get annoying sometimes cause you're in mid motion doing a combo kill on another. But them doing so does give you the opportunity to pull off some cool looking kills on 2 at the same time, which varies depending on the weapon you use.

Nimblest-Assassin2060d ago

Its unbalanced in a way

Sometimes only one comes at me... and then at others 5 guys are attacking me at once, trying to bounce me around

LOGICWINS2060d ago

^^WOW, thats interesting. Those were probably the A.I. issues some reviewers were talking about.

Laphin2060d ago

That's not really A.I. issues.. it's just the randomness and challenge of the game. Some enemy A.I. will come after you aggressive, some won't. It's your job to bring back the fight when one of the two happens to you.

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