Editorial: Why DMC4 Is The Best DMC Ever

It seems the critics don't agree, but here's one point of view that says Devil May Cry 4 is the best series installment yet. It goes well beyond the advanced technicals, tighter controls, and enhanced depth and style. It's about accessibility and having FUN.

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Ashta3685d ago's the best DMC game ever because it was easy enough this time around for the reviewer to "feel like a badass"?

And whats this talk of casual gamers and Devil May Cry in the same sentence? Since when has this game ever been geared towards anything else BUT the hardcore?

If they want a casual, easy DMC game they should go back and pick up DMC2. You can literally beat the game just by using your guns.

leon763684d ago

The only reason for this conclusion of this reviewer is that he never played before any DMC on his live,...the most spectacular of all is the original one, there's no doubt at all!!!!....DMC3 was great too, and way better of this one!!!! but why he said that? because this one is on x360 too, that's why.....

nix3684d ago

and i thought it was exactly like DMC3. but i liked the fixed target. i mean... i wish Uncharted also had the option... i'm really bad at aiming.

Keowrath3685d ago

I haven't beaten 4 yet. I've just starting Mission 13 on Devil hunter. I am loving the game so far and am really looking forward to going through SoS and DMD modes but so far I'm not sure if the game beats the original but I played that through all difficulties and put many many hours into it. It was also at the time... Original.

I think I prefer it to 3 but in my own personal opinion at the moment the original was the greatest.

imageicb3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

The game is pretty easy and at a lot of points overly cheesy. At times I felt i was either watching a one liner for Haratio Kane (CSI:Miami) or a really bad 80s movie. But the game was fun. I dont think it was better than DMC however.

The Closing3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Ofc it's a lot better due to it's age being that games have come a long way since then, but as for as being as groundbreaking as the original it doesn't come close. The story is the same old same old, and a lot feels like a rehash but the fun factor is still there in spades if not more than ever. There is supposedly 6 different difficulties of which I'm on the third now so it's relatively easy right now, but I'm sure the later modes get really intense. My only real gripe with the game is they really should have revamped the camera system by now especially since it's on a new more powerful machine. People should make it known that on dmc5 we expect a new freakin camera system! Camera issues aside it's one hell of a game, which I wasn't expecting at this point in the series. Now the waiting game for the real show..RE5!

Ashta3685d ago

While I wont say that DMC4 is the "Best DMC EVAR!" I will say that Nero got my thumbs up for approval around Mission 11.

The buster combo you use against Sanctus (you know the one where you pummel him and then do that wicked awesome uppercut and the screen freezes and Sanctus' face is all "SAY WHAAA?~" yeah, that one) well Nero says a few things against Sanctus that was just completely awesome

"Pray for help from your'll need it!"
"I'm not the demon are!"
and my personal favorite
"I'm not interested in your bull****!!!"

All followed up with the most awesome super-facebreaker punch EVER.

DemiseofPandas3685d ago

Yeah I was surprised how much Nero grew on me, and it feels so good pulling off those devil busters... I only wish he had more variations in weapons, although that's something to look forward to in 5 ;)

Marceles3685d ago

Yeah Dante got really was like him and Nero were trying to outcool each other like brad pitt and george clooney do, but it's fun to play with Nero. I do enjoy using those needles and the morphing gun though. I'm trying to get the Second Circle achievement, but I always get caught slipping on Berial...I almost think it's set on Son of Sparda difficulty since his stuff takes alot more damage

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