9.0 - Review of 'Sports Champions 2' (PS3)

One of the best selling PlayStation Move titles gets a sequel, and now it’s a whole new playing field

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LOGICWINS2091d ago

Been playing the demo for a couple of hours now. Tennis is REALLY fun! Tracking is flawless IMO.

Cam9772091d ago

Did you play the first one? I really like tennis too, I can play it properly and actually move unlike table tennis. I like this game quite a lot!

LOGICWINS2091d ago

HUGE evolution over the first game!

Cam9772091d ago

I really liked the demo and the first SC so I will pick this up around Christmas.

steveg25642090d ago


I agree. The tennis is incredible. Amazing how you can control where your shots go (cross court or down the line). Service control is also amazing. I think this is a must buy for me based upon the demo.