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Reviewer Steve Wright writes, "Medal of Honor: Warfighter is no stranger to controversy, with most of it stemming from its self-proclaimed realistic portrayal of current-day warfare.

"Debates aside, Warfighter sets itself up for failure in the opening minutes of its single-player campaign. By placing a single remote detonation charge on a truck, you manage to blow up EVERY SINGLE THING in the docks around you. You go from stealth mission one second, to a scenario where cargo containers are exploding and raining down upon you the next. Oh, and then you blow up a helicopter immediately afterward."

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Bumpmapping2090d ago ShowReplies(2)
2pacalypsenow2090d ago

i think everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon of bashing this game . Its getting slammed for being similar to other MOH games but then COD has been the same since 2009 and its always (revolutionary)

Timesplitter142090d ago

I'm not about to shed a tear for yet another generic modern military shooter.


chazjamie2090d ago

MOH should stick to its old formula: attempting to recreate saving private ryan.

rbluetank2090d ago

i have been playing this game mp for awhile now. the graphics are very bland/washed out in spots. you need to play this game with a friend to have any fun. a bad wingman makes for a bad gamming session. i am very disappointed in EA for sending this game out there unfinished. i could get $40 buck for it at best buy. i just want to level out then trade this game in.

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