Dead Island: Riptide Release Date and Special Edition Possibly Leaked By Retailer

Dead Island: Riptide is the 2013 sequel to the 2011 surprise hit, Dead Island, from Deep Silver. While we know very little about the sequel (except that it will be $49.99 and we may see a collector’s edition), an apparent leak from EB Games seems to show its release date.

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taijutsu3632152d ago

Was not expecting a dead island 2 at all!!!

TheMrMadzen2152d ago

Thought Riptide was some DLC for Dead Island xD Didn't know it was a sequel!

SAE2152d ago

They also said that the price of thw game gonna be lower because this generation is about to end , but yes its a full game ...

Zefros2152d ago

oh yes it's a sequel, will get this game, day one. loved the first one although it had it's flaws, i still enjoyed it.