PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Live-Stream

We’ve done a ton of coverage on PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, including a full podcast, tons of gameplay videos, a SSBB comparison and more. Jose of Dual Pixels even took second place in the first official PSASBR tourney along with helping form most of the premature fighting guides on the forums around the net (Tribal24). It’s safe to assume we’re big fans! Tonight we’re livestreaming the beta, join us on Twitch.TV, and like us on Facebook to keep up with us throughout the game’s launch.

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taquito2117d ago

pretty damnd excited to see how this game plays out!

DivineAssault 2117d ago

Try the beta & see for yourself... I liked it but am waiting to see what other modes are available in the final version.. Its cross buy so ima buy it anyway

calis2117d ago

I tried the beta once and my character couldn't move. Was really weird.

StrawberryDiesel4202117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

It's got offline mp, an sp mode, challenge mode, and the online mp.

Blastoise2117d ago

"We’ve done a ton of coverage on PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, including a full podcast, tons of gameplay videos, a SSBB comparison and more"

In all honestly I wish people would just stop with the Smash Bro's comparisons

TooTall192117d ago

I wish people would stop with the negativity. The game plays great, looks great, and brings something new to the table.

Thatguy-3102117d ago

In total honesty is hard not to bring SSBB. However they do play a lot different. This game is much more fast pace and to me feels a lot More competive. Though I was disappointed at first on how it didn't play like SSBB I'll admit it has grown on me through time. just Curious to See the other modes available.

sypher2117d ago

Been playing the heck out of it, really fun game.

Was dubious the no health, super system wouldn't work. But it does, it works really well.

I would expect other modes though in the final version.

smashcrashbash2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Agreed. It is much more stratigic then even I thought. If people just think you can go in there letting off supers and they wil win they are mistaken. One miscalculation and it can be cancelled out or you can miss completely. I didn't even know Fat Princess's Fat Chicken attack could be cancelled out by another super attack. I transfromed into it the moment Sly unleashed Murray and he destroyed a perfectly good Lvl 2 attack with a simple lvl 1 attack.And I have lost count how many times I have stopped Kratos, Radec and Sweet Tooth's lvl one's with a normal attack. People think you can just pick a good special attack and your golden but it is more then that. I takes timing. I can take out three people with Fat Princess's lvl 1 attack for example but if I don't time it exactly right I could miss completely or get stopped by a simple normal attack. That is a bunch of kills gone in an instant of bad stratergy.

@ Drainage. We are not hating on your opinion but we have the right to disagree with it. Stages are smaller because if they weren't then you could never hit anyone with the super atatcks. And smaller stages allow you to get into the fray instead of hiding in corners and in encloves in large stages or constantly running far away like people did in SSB.To each his own. Prefer to be upclose and fighting then having to come after you when you run miles away to escape me. Don't know why people keep hating on the smaller stages though. We play in confined spaces in fighting games all the time. Soul Edge, Power Stone, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, DOA etc. Why hate on this?

DarkBlood. That is the point isn't it? How do you know when they are paying attention or not? Many times I have tried to used Fat Princess's lvl 1 attack only to be stopped in my tracks. Even if you manage to get one person the chances of you getting everyone at once with it takes more skill. Have you played with Fat Princess? How many times have ever gotten everything lined up perfectly to get all three people and did it flawlessly with out missing at least one person or being stopped in your tracks.If you simply go on the thought that everyone wasn't paying attention at the time you get negated most of the time especially if you are playing against people who know how to play. The best of the best can actually dodge Kratos's and Radec's lvl 3 and stay alive during them. A good player can negate a lvl 2 attack if he knows what he is doing. I watched Drake negate Sly's bomb attack with the gas tank and Parappa jump and dodge Sweet Tooth's robot. That is not easy to do.

DarkBlood2117d ago

lol i dont know about stratigic when i been winning mostly i guess i was taking advantage of the situation when they werent paying attention to me

sypher2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

And you can already start seeing people playing more tactically as the beta's time goes on.

People all fighting in one area bunched together is a recipe for disaster, so I've noticed players are tending to be more cautious in ffa mode and pick there shots and leave just in case for example a Kratos level 2 is triggered.

And really this is only a small sample of whats to come. I'm expecting the full game to be really diverse.

one2thr2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

I'd say its harder to take 3 people out at once with both tweet tooths first and second supers. I got lucky with Sweet tooths 1st. super attack because someome hit me before the kick and then the person with the tnt attached to them had walked right into the other 2 players, and then blew up.... well I can say it was luck, but the other times I get multi kills are with the wall bounce(s).
Sn: This game is so friggin competitive,while playing 2v2 me and my friend went up to "4X AP Overtime", we thought it stopped at 3X AP Overtime (us. two sweet tooths Vs. them. Kratos and Sly Coop)... Definite day one here!!

Outside_ofthe_Box2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Yeah honestly, I was little a bit skeptical about the no health and kill by only super system. It does really look bad on paper. We've seen many games where things looked good on paper, but didn't translate well into the game, but for Battle Royale the opposite happened. No health and killing by only supers doesn't sound like a fascinating idea for a fighting game, but Battle Royale pulls it off extremely well.

I wouldn't be surprised if more games in the future uses this formula. My only complaint so far is that you don't know if you're wining during the game. I'd like to know who has the least amount of deaths/most amount of kills so that I can go after them to at least attempt to diminish their points.

Drainage2117d ago

Was too bland when I played it. Games were too short. You dont even know if youre winning. Stages too small. Yuck. Dont hate on my opinion

StrawberryDiesel4202117d ago

Guess you played one round and quit?

Hicken2117d ago

Should we go back through your comment history and point out where you claimed it was just a copy of SSB and so on?

You troll every game on every system with no consistency. It's a miracle you still have two bubbles.

Why do you even still bother to post?

Well, I guess if the mods still allow it...

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