The 25 best Skyrim mods – updated

Skyrim mods are amazing. In the two months since release, thousands of mods have been released, some of them quite spectacular. It’s not like Skyrim was an ugly game to begin with, but with new high resolution textures and post processing it becomes truly stunning. Then there are the new items, expanded crafting and full UI overhauls.[Tom Hatfield]

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claud31941d ago

Cool list, love mods for skyrim

ATi_Elite1941d ago

Skyrim on PC has a ton of mods and really shows you the difference in Gaming Experience versus the other platforms.

I'm a proud supporter of Mods and will play Skyrim over the summer with a lot of these mods installed especially the High Texture graphical Mods.

Th3 Chr0nic1941d ago

will play over the summer? its October so i think you missed your chance.

Faelan1941d ago

Well, he could be from Australia or New Zealand in which case it would make sense.

Th3 Chr0nic1941d ago

Great list they all sound really good, i want to get back into skyrim but can never find the time to dedicate to it they way it deserves. gonna have to make myself do it soon.