Do Video Games Hate Women?

Tynan Muddle at writes: Do video games hate women? This is a question I was surprised no-one asked in the wake of the moronic waste of parliamentary time that our ‘Prime Minister’ Julia Gillard spewed a few weeks back.
Misogyny is apparently all around us: receptionists make less money than CEO’s, there are no female brick layers, and our politicians are a bunch of lying male pricks who hate their wives, sisters and daughters. But what of video games?

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smashman982117d ago

Very good article

I However really can't stand women most of the time they complain about equality but always expect special treatment anyway not saying this all women and not even just women

And how about the men in videogames who are badass Mofos with 12 pack abs and ripped biceps on their biceps do people think that isn't the same as giving chicks big knockers and nice curves in games.

AIndoria2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Women Logic:

"I'm a woman I should only carry 10 pounds of that stone. You carry the fifty pounds one."

At paycheck:
"Why did I get only 50$ for this week but you got 70$?! THIS IS DISCRIMINATIONWAJOFJEWAFJWAORJ AWOVFOW...(continued till at least 2 hours)"

See what I did there?

frjoethesecond2116d ago

I have to agree. I wish men and women could accept their fundamental differences. Complete equality is impossible.

Pushagree2116d ago

I can guarantee the late 1800s to early 1900s feminists would spit at neo-feminists of today if they were still alive to see the stupid crap they complain about. Feminism was supposed to be about righting political wrongs in the world such as sufferage, inclusion in the workforce, and ability to serve the military/public office. All those things were implemented in the 20th century, yet women still want to complain that they are bound by the chains of the "man's world." It's that victimization rhetoric that keeps people from getting up to improve the situation that they are in. Luckily, most women don't see themselves that way, considering there are more and more women graduation from college, so in the coming decades, they pay gap that they complain about will shrink.

AfricanGamer9ja2116d ago

Me personal i dont care about this topic, all i can say is that i have a GF who is a GAMER well not a proper gamer but at least she knows how to pick up a pad and have fun with the game and thats good enough for me because after that she gets excited and then we get xxxxxxxx :D

Please to my real gamers who have GF as gamers im sure you know what i mean. That moment when you put LITTLE BIG PLANET for a girl and as your teaching her how to play with cute little sack boy she starts getting down with the XXXX :D

Shadowstar2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Really really? You think that a power fantasy is the same as a sexual objectification? lol. This topic has been done to death and the article is stupid. Why bring this up in the first place?

vortis2116d ago

Wait what?

So a dude with perfectly chiseled abs and a woman with perfectly chiseled abs aren't the same thing?

A dude made to be a more "perfected" form of himself and a woman made to be a more "perfected" form of herself are two different things?

Guys with long waving hair in Final Fantasy with model-esque qualities and heroism qualities to the nth degree aren't the same as women depicted in games with the same qualities?

They're both unrealistic and both made to appeal to an unrealistic fantasy (and let's face it, women in real life are always trying to get boob surgery to appeal to their own idealization of a real-life fantasy).

The only difference is that women see it as sexual objectification and guys it see as a virtual fantasy. In fact, has any guy mounted an article about how just about all the guys in Final Fantasy games are lady-boner, unrealistic, romance novels brought to life? Haven't seen one yet and I don't think any guy cares.

Shadowstar2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Abs? That's what we're calling breasts now? *squint*

I didn't say either was any more realistic, but one is (usually) an unrealistic power fantasy, and the other is (usually) an unrealistic sexual fantasy.

I read a great example not long ago-- look at the difference between rule 34 fanart for male and female characters. The female ones could almost be right out of game art (with more clothes, because almost no one puts out AO games). The male ones would never, ever be mistaken for anything but fanart in any way.

...Well, I'll admit that your point of Final Fantasy stands. But imagine that almost all games gave you exclusively Final Fantasy bishounen-- (omg the bishies!eleven1! FU, 12 yo fangirls) that would be annoying, don't you think? It'd be worthy of complaints, IMO.

Dneye2115d ago

Vortis said: "(and let's face it, women in real life are always trying to get boob surgery to appeal to their own idealization of a real-life fantasy)"

Watch out ya'llz, we gots a real lady expert on our hands.

vortis2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I was using abs as an example. If we go with pex versus breast, it's still the same thing, but dudes don't complain about guys with perfectly buff pex.

And yes, one is ALWAYS going to be viewed as a sexual fantasy because guess what? Guys view women oftentimes as sexual fantasies! Bet that just blew your mind, eh?

The real debate comes down to how men THINK about women, and that's never going to change. That's a cross-cultural thing right there.

But the whole male depiction in Final Fantasy games is just one's like that in most Japanese male depictions, I could go right through the list: Xenogears, The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, just about every single Korean MMORPG...

People seem to have an issue with the intrinsic nature of a woman having somatic relations to sexual incitement than men. Guess what, THAT'S NATURE!

A man's pex will never be viewed as sexually gratifying as a woman's breasts. And a guy's butt will never be viewed in the same way as a woman's butt.

You can be angry at natural elements of exaggerated realities but that's just how it is.

Also, those Final Fantasy examples I used...did you notice that the Lady Boner guys actually look closer to women than men? Dun, dun, dun!

Big revelation: most people's physical affinity to aesthetics is closer to female anatomy than male anatomy. If you notice most characters who fit the standard of what we call "beautiful" have a higher level of depicted estrogen than testosterone.

But wait, we shouldn't actually think about this from a psychological-phsyiological standpoint because that would be using logic, and instead people would rather complain about an equality that LITERALLY does not exist in the natural state of our physical genetics.

Shadowstar2115d ago

@Vortis: The way that women are objectified in current society is sexist.

I refuse to believe that humanity is and will always be sexist.

We have managed to get ourselves over a lot. There's still homophobia and racism out there, but nowhere near as bad as it once was-- so humans can get over things. Sexism isn't anywhere near as bad as it once was either, for that matter. We can improve, but we can't do it by denying that there's any difference in how we treat each other.

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Godmars2902116d ago

Sad to say but Japan isn't well known for treating woman well or equally.

Though come to think of it neither does western culture.

fossilfern2116d ago

Thats subjective chivalry isn't dead if you ask me.

Kurt Russell2116d ago

It's true, I got an entire suit of armour just for battling dragons.

AIndoria2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

This again? I'll grab popcorns. See you at the front page of N4G in a few hours. Hate comments are gonna be fun.

Tch, don't have money for beer. ANYONE, join me?

By hate comments I mean people will be flaming each other soon :P

frjoethesecond2116d ago

Video games don't have feelings. They aren't capable of hate.

SageHonor2116d ago

What's funny is that the author doesn't really answer the question. He/She just throws a bunch of stuff out there and ask us how we feel lol... Tryna get people riled up. Not surprising.

Slow news day I guess.

GoldenElf2116d ago

Except for this part;

"Video games don’t hate women, any more than the Planet Earth hates women. Some people might hate women, or might seek out those who do and these people muddy the otherwise stark line between ‘entertainment’ and ‘agenda’. Video games merely offer worlds for you to explore, the conclusions you draw on those experiences are entirely your own."


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