Is It Wrong to Troll? | "It’s just so odd. I’ve been sitting at my computer screen for the last five minutes trying to figure out how to describe trolling and I’m stuck. I can’t think of the right words to describe it. Maybe it’s the subtle art of using the anonymity of the internet to provoke emotions from others for personal amusement? But I don’t think I need a definition. You all know exactly what trolling is."

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-Mika-2151d ago

Alot of people don't even know the meaning of trolling. For example, people on this site don't know how to handle negative opinions. So instead of being a mature person. They decide to ignore you or mark you as trolling.

I always explain why i disagree with a company or a game but people still say im a troll. So you know. i just don't care anymore.

vortis2151d ago

It's HOW you disagree.

We're in an age of blatant anti-consumerism. It's viewed as a troll if you purposefully stick up for a company who literally violates fair trade.

It's also viewed as a troll when you purposefully defend or attack a game without sincere reasoning (e.g., "Oh this game sucks just because it does"). The inverse is true also for defending a game when a dev/pub has a horrible track record and the game itself looks like poop based on videos, dev diaries, etc., (e.g., "Oh this game looks amazing. Give it a chance guys").

It's easy to spot trolls, especially when it comes to Console Wars.

A lot of times you get downvoted or whatever because you'll defend a bad industry practice or take up for something that obviously gets everyone riled.