Is Triforce Johnson The Ultimate Nintendo Fan?

Some of you may have heard of Isaiah Johnson, a hardcore Nintendo fan who changed his name to Isaiah-Triforce Johnson a few years back.

What's interesting about Triforce Johnson is he always makes it his mission to be the first consumer in the world to own a Nintendo console. Usually he will wait in line a week before the consoles release but this time for the Wii U he decided to wait in line for a month.

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rpd1232118d ago

What in the hell do you do for a month in line? That's just a waste of time. I also guess this guy has no job or his employer doesn't actually realize that he doesn't have pneumonia but is instead waiting in line...for a month.

Snookies122118d ago

I'm sure he's got his DS/3DS lol. He probably calls people when the battery dies to go charge it and bring it back to him every once in a while.

cleft52118d ago

He runs his own gaming business, so this was good pr for him.

rpd1232117d ago

Then why does he even have to wait in line......

ritsuka6662117d ago

Triforce is the CEO and founder of Arcadia Empire and he also is sponsored by a few companies I think... I guess that counts as a job.

Burning_Finger2118d ago

Probably the Ultimate R****d. No gaming console are worth the wait that long. He's just another waste of space in the society.

ShaunCameron2118d ago

No more ultimate than anybody else. But if there's one thing that seems for sure, Nintendo got fans from all walks of life.

jghvhv2118d ago

He's a bigger fan than me that's for sure.Just knowing that,sooner or later, I'll get the game or consoles I want is enough to make me happy.I wouldn't even go to a midnight opening.

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The story is too old to be commented.