PETA attempts to prove a point to Nintendo by having Gladiator matches

Sarcastic News: It was reported earlier by other gaming websites that PETA is disgusted with the Pokemon brand and believes it promotes animal abuse.

PETA is taking even further steps to prove their point to Nintendo. Later this week, PETA plans to force death row inmates into gladiator matches. Many individuals feel this is a bit extreme but PETA feels this is the right decision.

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DivineAssault 2152d ago

Foxconn, the media thinking wii u is an add on, this, & a whole lot of other obstacles in nintendos way.. Give em a break, cuz theyre getting attacked from every single direction..

Nitrowolf22152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

PETA is so broken and corrupted, filled with nothing but hypocrites.

Seriously? They want to combat against pokemon? I mean we all know what happens to nearly 80% of the animals they save, and they are focusing on this?

This group needs to die.

Cam9772152d ago

Hippies & people with too much time describes PETA.

Muffins12232152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I hate these joke articles...i acully got excited and hoped they where crazy enough to do something like this..

nrvalleytime2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

"We who are about to die, salute you!"

Said the Colosseum contestants to PETA's president.

Conzul2152d ago

"The amount of time that Pokemon spend stuffed in pokeballs is akin to how elephants are chained up in train carts, waiting to be let out to 'perform' in circuses," ~PETA

Thx Peta, you're always good for a laugh!

IAMERROR2152d ago

This is how normal people prove a point.

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TacoTaru2152d ago

Gotta love the lefties. Broken brains seem to be a common affliction. Free Pikachu!!!!!! Save the Medfly!!!

Hicken2152d ago

I'm left handed. Got something you wanna get off your chest about me?

Or are you referring to liberals?

I'm probably considered one of those, too. PETA's still stupid.

This is about PETA being completely and utterly ridiculous; don't go dragging other groups into this using blanket statements.

TacoTaru2151d ago

Sorry, I meant no offence to those of sinister dexterity. And you're right, I tend to lump all those narrowly focused groups that defy common sense as lefties. Just a habit. I'm sure there are some crazy righties too.

BitbyDeath2152d ago

'PETA plans to force death row inmates into gladiator matches.'

That would be awesome. I've always thought this should come back. Every country would be far better off if we had less people in prisons and if they sold tickets or aired it like Big Brother then they'll make millions and pay off country debts in no time.

Heisenburger2152d ago


Because somebody who committed insurance fraud surely deserve to be murdered for your entertainment.

Good luck explaining that come Judgement Day.

Yep....... Skynet.

BitbyDeath2152d ago

Obviously it'd have to be based on the sentence, not just average joe.

DwightOwen2152d ago

Why would would a white-collar criminal be on death row in the first place?

madjedi2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

"Why would would a white-collar criminal be on death row in the first place?"

It should be considered if the amount is excessively high but that is our societies standards kill an old lady with a gun - death penalty.

Drive 10's of thousands out of their homes by destroying the mortgage market - Maybe a slap on the wrist by the federal government in the form of a fine that is hilariously lower than the illegal profit you made.

Sorry those people deserve as high of a punishment as a murderer would face, since they ruined the lives of thousands.

Till we stop giving these economic crooks, a get out of jail free card, and start holding them accountable for their actions, nothing will change.

I do really love the mentality here that white collar crimes shouldn't be punished as harshly as other violent crimes. Look at enron you really want to tell me that didn't cause as much if not more suffering than a single murderer.

I wouldn't have it televised or any gladiator system because that is wrong.

Judgement day, as screwed as this world is you really believe some all powerful being exists, if he does he is either totally incompetent or wrote us off along time ago.

Of course that requires the society to hold groups other than the middle class or poor accountable for their actions.

I would be kicking teenagers on minor drug charges out of jail to make room for all the white collar criminals, that deserve to rot away in jail.

If the federal government had the balls to audit these massive banks/holding companies ect and actually make the effort to punish them. That is making the assumption they(feds) aren't on the take to begin with.

vortis2152d ago

Rapists versus murderers (cause if it's rapists vs rapists no one wants to see the loser get raped)

Thieves versus armed robbers

Criminally insane versus death row inmates

Child molesters don't get to fight other inmates, they're pitted against lions.

MattyG2152d ago

Wait so rapists get treated better than child molesters? I say we send em both to the lions.

Conzul2152d ago

In the US, it's quite easy in certain states for a guy to get labelled a "Sex Offender".

cpayne932152d ago

Thieves get killed too? Just for stealing?

Also I'm really wondering just how serious everyone is saying they would support this...

Series_IIa2152d ago

This video pretty much summarises up PETA, trying to always prove points with hypocrisy.

Nevers0ft2152d ago

PETA normally says and does the dumbest things but I fully support bringing back Gladiators, it would be amazing. Wild animals tearing at flesh. Bodies being cleaved in half. Screaming crowds filled with blood lust... Sounds pretty awesome to me, I just have a feeling they're not being sincere :(

Drainage2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

why dont they complain about murder in FPS games.. hmm animal lovers are annoying. they probably made STDs too if you know what i mean

ChickeyCantor2151d ago

Because PETA claims humans are the true evil. They don't care if humans die that's the sad part.

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