AMD Sees 'Glitch' in Puma Platform, Says Analyst

EE Times writes:

"After experiencing some technical problems with its next-generation microprocessor, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) could now be facing some issues with its new Puma line of devices for notebook PCs, according to an analyst.

Last year, AMD announced its Griffin CPU, the first processor it has designed from the ground up for notebooks. AMD is pairing its new CPU with a chip set in a Puma platform that aims to take on Intel's Centrino chips for sockets in high-end notebooks."

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ruibing3568d ago

AMD needs to catch a break sooner or later.

sak5003568d ago

Looks like begining of the end for AMD. Their Quad core cpus had some issues recently and also couldn't match the performance of older Intel Dual and Quad core cpus and now this.