Tony’s Top 15 Bad Guys

My good friend Jim and myself had a conversation about who we thought were the biggest bad guys out there. Together I think we came up with a good list, but did any of your favorites make it? Check it out!

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caseh2158d ago

Loving the fact Kefka is at #1 :D

But Tony, where teh f*ck is Liquid Snake in that list of yours eh!?

Lucid842157d ago

While I think Liquid is up there is bad guys I always found him to be to preachy and bored me at times.

Cam9772158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Fatman from MGS2? Oh wait, this is the top 15 villain - not the bottom.
I would say Nemesis, Jaws (007), Sturmgeist (MoH:FL) and Liquid from MGS4. Oh, how could I forget these guys; Ornstein and Smough?

rezzah2158d ago

SO many villains, not all can be mentioned.

Lucid842157d ago

I could have listed 100 and people would still be mad at me : /

rezzah2157d ago

Too many villains to list.

At best you could only mention your best, not the best of all time.

sly-Famous2158d ago

Crap list.
Where is the Dahaka, Lezarevic or Joker or as the above mentioned Liquid?

Stoppokingme2158d ago

loved number 2.

To think of the countless NPCs who've died for my cause, and the millions who've died by my hand.

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