Medal of Honor: Warfighter: The Un-Crybaby Club Review [GAMINGtruth]

GAMINGtruth's own Senior Editor G. Bargas delivers the official verdict on EA and Danger Close's newly released first-person shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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Cam9772035d ago

Yes, that's a good thing. I have to agree that this game was actually rushed though.

SirNintend02035d ago

Dey see me shootin, dey hatin!

Deeke2035d ago

Good to see someone gave it more of an unbiased review! I mean you did focus on the bad points, but on the good points as well. Kotaku just said the game had pretty flashlights, lol.

Yomaster2035d ago

Finally, an honest and fair review of this game.

BattleAxe2035d ago

Pretty high score for this game. Now the real question is.....does EA shut down this disastrous studio..I think so.

Ju2035d ago

I hope not. The score isn't high but justified. Nobody deserves to loose their jobs over this. What's the matter with people these days?

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