Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details Confirmed by Game Director

GR - "If you're a fan of Call of Duty, chances are you've read the multitude of info that's out now for Black Ops 2. However, if you're still looking to uncover more info before the game's launch, I think it would be wise to keep track of David Vonderhaar's Twitter.

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The Meerkat2117d ago

"For those who didn't choose a secondary for their loadout, you pick up a gun and your primary weapon will still be the same"


guitarded772116d ago

Anyone know if they're gonna have the different killstreak classes like MW3 (assault, support, etc)? I liked that because I kinda suck at getting long killstreaks, but I play the objectives well.

RedSoakedSponge2116d ago

from what iv seen so far, it doesnt look like it.

Skate-AK2116d ago

They aren't even kill streaks anymore. They are score streaks or something like that. You can still get a UAV if you are capping objectives.

alien6262116d ago

isnt all COD games the same? why release details when you could just read the previous games details

FanboyPunisher2112d ago

You gotta be a complete foo, or a new age young kid gamer to support COD, its literally gone to poo since MW2 release and the Infinity Ward dev team leaving.

"As of July 10, 2010, 38 of the 46 Infinity Ward employees who resigned from that studio following the firings of West and Zampella revealed through their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles that they had signed on with Respawn Entertainment."

Basically, no one is left who made the first amazing COD game (COD 4) the one that brought COD into everyones living room, it sucked millions of people in. Now they have only the steam that they (COD4 makers) had left to keep building upon. No new engine, hence why vivindi is trying to sell off parts of its company, it cant last forever. Respawn is the new company to support, they need our help. They are the owners of the COD experience, but now are making bigger and better things from what they learned while working for the shitty company activision.

Even their best studio fell apart because of how badly they were disliked, similar to how some cod fans are waking up in light of all this. They only care about the bottom line, MONEY. This is what you get with Activision, and why you need to avoid supporting them intill they truly earn your business. Right now marketing of COD is working too well for Activision, WAKE THE EFF UP.

JonahNL2117d ago

This is the first Call of Duty in years I'm actually looking forward to. I really enjoyed the original Black Ops, despite some of its major flaws.

WeskerChildReborned2117d ago

I enjoyed it more than i ever enjoyed MW3.

AngelicIceDiamond2116d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the game as well. But like every year I prepare myself for a potential let down, of sorts.

MW3 was horrible so a new cod (of any) should get the bad taste of MW out of my mouth.

animegamingnerd2117d ago

yeah black ops did have a lot of flaws but a part of me enjoys it more then cod 4

HammadTheBeast2116d ago

OK, let's not get carried away now...


disagree, quatro(4) had it perfect. 3 kill streaks , variety of weopons , great maps for close quarters and distance

MRMagoo1232116d ago


Yeh thats the thing that made cod 4 shine , the simplicity of it all it didnt have too much fluff it was pure cod fun.

brodychet2117d ago

Treyarch, great with originality.

3-4-52117d ago

Treyarch = creative and tries EX: WaW, Black Ops, Black Ops 2 ....All set in different times/eras

IW = Same old thing EX: MW1, MW 2, MW 3

FarCryLover1822117d ago

People complain about COD recycling and Treyarch don't really do it. MW2 and MW3 are all basically carbon copies of COD4

WeskerChildReborned2117d ago

@3-4-5, IW has sucked ever since the main people left, i'm guessing them leaving impacted the development of MW3.

Xenomorph2116d ago

Hahaha there must be a litany of 15 year old kids that are on this site. Treyarch stole every idea from the COD4/Modern Warfare franchise! World At War was one of the worst MP shooters I have ever played and Treyarch are horrible at designing maps. Mw3 was a MUCH better designed game, from a gun balance standpoint as well.

3-4-52117d ago

15 Days.. Can't wait. They've added like 40+ things that we have wanted in these games for years and now they are all available to us. Well in 2 weeks.

Not sure how people can complain that it's the same.

What exactly do people want changed ?

How exactly can you change shooting a digital gun at somebody ?

*14-15 Brand New ( Better than MW3) Maps

* Emblem editor and saving of them

* Pick 10 = crazy randomness and nothing overpowered.

* They can auto tweak any gun in game incase it's too strong or weak.

* More gameplay modes

* League play - For everyone who thinks they really are the best....Go Prove it

* New Assault Rifles..+ the TAR is back !

*Bots in offline mode are now smarter = more replay value

* Zombies improved gameplay and modes including it's own Campaign.

* Emphasis on Team work and playing Strategically via the Scoresteaks and other adjustments to game.

* Improved Graphics - Only so much you can tweak but the maps and guns both look better than MW3.

* Kar 98 type gun via the un-scoped Ballista -( For WW2 Fans)

This game isn't more of the same. It's like people don't even know what a FPS is.

Any time your still shooting at somebody they think it's "the same thing".

Duh that is what an FPS is. It's like they want it to be an action adventure game instead.

People this is a GOTY quality game.


I have one simple question....

Any improvement to the network code, Bulletlag/lag compensation ?

because as great as all those changes are, they mean nothing to me if I see a guy with his back to me, I start shooting him in the back only to suddenly drop dead and then watch a kill cam showing me standing around doing F!^K all while he sprays me down. !

great I can see people camping round corners, but if I then go round and get the drop on them and shoot them and nothing happens and then I just drop dead because of lag... whats the point of being able to see him round the corner ?

Until I know for sure they have made some real big improvements to this issue I have no interest in buying it even with all the other stuff they have added.

All games have lag, yes I know, but I never got the bullshit I get with Blackops 1 or MW3 with any of the other cod/mw games and never in anyother online shooter.

Just saying...

2117d ago

@ Marcus_Fenix

totally agree. I was a massive, massive cod4 fan. I didn't like blackops 1 purely because of the lag but MW3... MW3 took it to a whole new level.

Never known anything like it.

It's not that I can't get a good game, I can, but to have a good game I have to stream lots of Youtube videos and Stream Spotify and bottleneck my connection. Then all of a sudden I can go from having games of 10 kills, 15 kills and 7 deaths, 8 deaths.. to games were I have 40 kills and 3 deaths or 35 kills and 4 deaths. It's like switching god mode on, lol.

Still I don't enjoy having to do all that to play a good game. I use to be able to play Cod4 or MW2 and get 30 to 40 with about 10 or less deaths and I never had to manipulate my connection.

silver350z942116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

I completly agree with you!
now what you are saying isn't lag like 1 bar connection, its the 4vs3 bar connection which is total BS! you shoot him five times, then somehow you drop dead! watch the kill cam and your guy was just checking out the opposing player from head to toes.

That is one of the reason why parties destroy opposing players, not because they are good(well sometimes) but because they all live in the same city destroying players around the U.S. with okay connections when they have super awesome no lag connections!

there is a reason why the host is most of the time always the top player.

I feel like no one complains about it, people really don't pay that much attention to detail and just say "oh thats BS or the guy is better than me" when that is not the case

LoneCastaway2116d ago
Local (region-based) preference is gone, instead it's latency-/ping-based now.
Hope that helped :)

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