Opinion: The Yearly Iteration Model This Generation Has Burnt Me Out

X360A - FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed… What do all these franchises have in common? They’re all frickin’ huge multi-million selling franchises, for one. They also all adopt the yearly iteration model, a model that has its benefits for publishers but also has its hang-ups. Hang-ups that are usually missed by publishers because of the mountain of money that clouds their vision. Dear industry, anticipation and foresight are important tools too. Just sayin’.

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DivineAssault 2158d ago

yup but AC3 looks awesome.. i skipped brotherhood & revelations.. This & liberation will do & im done with the franchise for a while.. It made me stop playing COD all together.. after modern warfare, i was done.. After halo 3, i was done.. After gears 2, i was done.. after all that, i was done with xbox..