The Unfinished Swan - a postmortem interview with creator Ian Dallas

GamesRadar - Following the release of The Unfinished Swan, we got in touch with the game's creator, Ian Dalls, to talk about the development process of the game.

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Sp1d3ynut2155d ago

"Postmortem"? Who died? 0_o

Kos-Mos2155d ago

The game died before it was released. It`s just an empty coffin now.

Sp1d3ynut2155d ago

That's not surprising...Sony sends ALL of their exclusive games to die. I sure wouldn't expect them to invest any money or effort in an indie game. It's sad...Sony gets all these critically acclaimed exclusives, and they don't do anything with them.

MikeMyers2154d ago

This game looks very interesting, anyone know how well it works with Move?

KingKevo2154d ago

That was my initial thought as well, I was like 'did the creator die or what?'. But I guess they mean that the game has already been released. Still a stupid title for the article.

KingKevo2154d ago

going to a new page wont load an entierly new page, they are not click-whores. Imho it makes the article more structured and also the interview is really interesting.