Pass Fail: One Man’s Quest to Get His Medal of Honor Download Code

Kotaku - We're not EA customer service, but sometimes shedding a little light on silly stuff like this can help get results. More importantly, the news appears to be that some copies of Medal of Honor: Warfighter have gone out with cards that don't have proper download codes printed on them.

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TekoIie2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Now this is what gaming journalism should be!!! Calling out devs/publishers on whats being done wrong and simply spreading the word on it helped to solve this problem. If other people had the same issue and call in now theres a better chance of them getting the problem resolved as well :)

"[UPDATE] A representative of Electronic Arts' customer service contacted Kotaku and asked to have a message forwarded to Doug so that they could correct this matter. We sent along the message. No word on whether the blank code card was a single mistake or if others are out in the wild.

[UPDATE] Doug replies: "Just to let you know, @AskEAsupport contacted me, and the guy (EA_AgentX in Battlelog) from support helped me in the matter. He sent me the correct code, and everything is working fine now."

When we get results like that it makes me really happy :)

Dark_Overlord2153d ago

EA have the worst customer support out any company I've ever known, I dread the day I ever have to attempt to contact then (I say attempt as email, forum, online help, live help etc don't work)