Hurricane Sandy Forces Triforce Johnson Out of the Line for the Wii U

Kotaku - With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on New York City, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson (real name: Isaiah-Triforce Johnson) has been told to vacate his position as first in line to purchase a Wii U at Nintendo World in Manhattan. The console releases in 21 days.

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smashman982156d ago

I feel his pain I might have to wait a few days to play assassins creed 3

Worst part is I requested the 30 31 off to play it

guitarded772156d ago

I don't, all he had to do was pre-order and pick-up, but he wants to be an attention whore, which is his right to do so, but I feel sorry for no one who can afford to take a month off work to stand in a line.

HappyCamper1722156d ago

You do understand that he is paid by sponsors for doing that.

EPIKgamer2155d ago

He does this every launch for anything, stop being such a prick, its like a hobby for him.

doogiebear2155d ago

In the words of Martin Lawrence--"He ain't got no damn job, man!"

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BitbyDeath2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Looks like Triforce could not handle the 'pressure'

*puts on sunglasses*

doogiebear2155d ago

I bet LX-General-Kaos would be crazy enough to wait on line. That dude is obsessed with Nintendo lol. Triforce Johnson got nothing on that dude.

I joke lol

DivineAssault 2156d ago

good, maybe he will get some sense & pre order it nx time.. Or do a week in advance for media attention instead of a month

omarzy2156d ago


ronin4life2156d ago

If only it were so easy...
I hate storms>.<;

GreenRanger2156d ago

The hurricane is going to New York to wait in line for the Wii U.

dubal-e2156d ago

This comment actually made me laugh out loud so I had to give you an agree vote just because of that haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.