If Nintendo bought Rare...

There has been a rumor going around that Nintendo is interested in buying Rare back from Microsoft. While it is merely a rumor, Wii U Only thought it would be interesting to speculate on what could happen if Nintendo were to buy their former second-party developer back from Microsoft.

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TXIDarkAvenger2152d ago

Problem is if Nintendo bought Rare, they would own those IPs. But the key people of Rare who made those games great have all left. I don't want to see some of my favourite games die but I don't want to see them ruined. These IPs have to be given to the right people.

MikeMyers2151d ago

Most have left but I see no possibility of Nintendo buying Rare back.

na-no-nai2151d ago

Nintendo could buy them and hired talent developers and have them work at Rare. Well of course it won't be the same as the original Rareware that we all grew up with.

darthv722151d ago

they would be getting a shell of the former company responsible for those titles that made Rare what they were.

There is more to a company than just the name. I think even Square has gone through some shift changes to which the teams responsible for some of the classic FF games are no longer there.

Hell, not even SEGA are what they were in the glory days.

wastedcells2151d ago

Ya rare is nobody now. Why would they buy a problem. Plus retro is the new rare in a way and they just started. When retro delivers a new IP we will know for sure.

DivineAssault 2152d ago

maybe killer instinct would still be alive

Knight_Crawler2152d ago

You really think Killer Instinct on the Wii would have been good -_-

omarzy2152d ago

Would have been better than the one that was never made for the 360.

Knight_Crawler2152d ago

@Omar - Thats the most silliest thing I have heard.

So you would rather them make crappy game and rape a good franchise, I would rather KI left alone than to play it with the Wiimote or Kinect.

omarzy2151d ago

It is only silly is you automatically assume it would have been crappy. They would not have been able to make it for kinect anyway. The moves in fighting games are inhuman movements. They would not even bother.

1upgamer992151d ago

Killer instinct on Wii may not have looked quite as good on Wii, but one thing that Rare was known for (10 years ago not now) was what Retro is currently known for doing with Wii and that is utilizing and making the best with what you have, and making it work.

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PopRocks3592151d ago

Nintendo should buy back the IPs that Rare owns. To heck with the developer itself; the geniuses behind many of the games we loved back in the day moved onto other studios.

BitbyDeath2151d ago

Rumour sounds too good to be true.

KMCROC2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Two Thing's Wrong with this Article

1) If MS did decide to sell Rare the price would be high as hell cause of the draw & profit that each ip can pull in if remade or given new life .

2) Why would MS sell some great IPs when they themselves can reinvent ,rejuvenate ,rebirth these IP with their new first party studios that they have opened. So as to generate tons of cash from retail or Digital sales, shit they can even offer them as games to be played on the Xbox Live on there Surface slates. Only a Fool,Moron would throw away such an opportunity to make profit & generate revenue. They should keep them & use them as they see fit to generate profit.

1upgamer992151d ago

Rare since its days with Nintendo, has not made nearly the amount of true quality games, and please note I said nearly, of games as when they were with Nintendo. Since most of the developing staff who were behind the great games that Rare once developed are gone anyway, well, simply put so is the genius. Sure Rare has put out some great games on Xbox, but compare GREAT Xbox titles to GREAT Nintendo Titles...Nintendo/Rare would win hands down. The fact of the matter is, when Nintendo has a developer like Rare, they hold their hand throughout development. Even if its a Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, They know what will and will not work in a game and help the Developers run with it. I am sorry if you disagree when you read this, but its true. Now Microsoft can have Rare....Retro Studios is now to Nintendo what Rare was then.

KMCROC2151d ago

I do not deny the fact that Rare at one time was a great developer of good game early on in their existence or that they even tried to do so under new ownership. but my comment was how certain people believe that a Corporation like MS & it gaming divisions will give up an opportunity to make cash off the IPs that were obtain Thur the buying of Rare. ( out of bubbles PM me u reply.)

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