GameStop Branding 'Assassin's Creed III' Boxes "An anonymous fan sent the image you see to the right to us earlier this afternoon. As you can see, GameStop has branded the top of the Assassin's Creed III box art with their logo."

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NYC_Gamer2157d ago

I think it's sad for us gamers that retail stores are all getting some special edition

Bluenuts92157d ago

It's been happening for years, and I agree that it sucks, but by now I'm used to it unfortunately.

WeskerChildReborned2156d ago

Ever since the start of this gen, -.-

guitarded772156d ago

But we already know we got the game from GameStop because the cellophane was missing when we bought it new :D

ChronoJoe2156d ago

Looks like Ubisoft printed it that way. That's the only way it'd be actually printed on the boxart. Blame the publisher for allowing it.

CraigandDayDay2156d ago

It doesn't matter to me. I buy most of my games new from Wal Mart. I can have a midnight launch for any game I want. LoL

jeseth2156d ago

Then don't buy it from Gamestop. Problem solved. No need to cry about it.

Nimblest-Assassin2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Its not just gamestop

Wal Mart, Bestbuy and the other stores with their own pre orders are doing the same thing

They are calling it the wal mart/ best buy edition

Its even worse on PS3 because of the EXCLUSIVE MISSIONS label is printed on the box, and is not a sticker

Shepherd 2142156d ago

Farcry 2 had one too. On the cardboard sleeve boxart it says "exclusive Gamestop preorder edition" or something. That was all the way back in 2008. What's weird is I didn't preorder it and that what they gave me anyway.

crxss2156d ago

i don't think retailers are to blame here, it's Ubisoft and other firms wanting the extra dough from retailers for giving them exclusive DLC.

also i'm surprised this is finally on N4G, this box art has been out for a quite awhile now. i personally hate when a box art is tarnished by some promo and will not be getting these "retailer editions"

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_LarZen_2156d ago

I agree but then again the dedicated gaming shops need something to make you buy games at their store and not at the local super marked.

I would miss dedicated stores with just a big load of games...wouldnt you?

The Great Melon2156d ago

Printing stuff on top of the the original cover is a reason why I wouldn't buy this edition. I want the original cover art and nothing else.

I remember when they released the updated Uncharted 2 with all the awards on the box. It was ridiculous! Things were stamped all over the place.

TekoIie2156d ago

@The Great Melon

Reminds me of the video game "10 out of 10"....

The Great Melon2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )



At least they tailored the cover art for the awards, rather than painting over everything.

nan02156d ago

GameStop needs to die. Assassins Creed has become the whore of gaming. It's like the bucket the neighborhood hobos jack off in. Assassin's Creed I's ending was beautiful, AC2 was amazing. Then they started doing brotherhood and revelations milking it. It was fun but they made Subject 16 a fruit cup and an idiot. Desmond is too wimpy now, and seeing a native american in European armor Free running in Skyrim's Nordic trees is lame. They should of did only a partial revolutionary Period. This way they wouldn't have to make it four times bigger than it really was in real life....

wastedcells2156d ago

Looks like its on the plastic wrap but no big deal it's been going on for a while... The bonus item givin to each store is usually not a highly wanted item. Hope they change this model next gen though.

showtimefolks2156d ago

Guys seriously? Do we need another thing to complain about visit and never shop at GameStop free shipping $-10-15 gift card with each pre order sometimes even 20
Bestbuy just as good deals with gamer unlocked

Than there is used games at gamefly or amazon deals

You actually never have to buy from GameStop because that's where they will rip you off.

If you are a gamer who buys games or regular bases please keep that site on your favorites and now they have a twitter account you will never pay more for games anymore

GameStop can go to hell

dumahim2156d ago

Generally I'd agree with you, but I haven't seen confirmation that other retailers aren't also getting the same treatment. I won't be surprised at all to see "Amazon Edition" on my copy.

Syntax-Error2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I play with the game, not with the box. Secondly, so what? If GameStop struck a deal with the publishers that allows them to offer you exclusive content for pre-orders.....SO THE F-CK WHAT? GAMESTOP IS A BUSINESS IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MONEY. What hoarder collects VG box art cases? The box is pointless once the game is removed and played. Ask someone how much money they got for Atari box art covers

@Sovereign59, so you think just because you pay $60 for a game you're obligated to say how the company brands it? You are a joke. Publishers don't owe any of you crap. How they plan on marketing it is up to them and only them. Who cares how they box it. The box isn't going to stop people from buying the game. Black Ops 2 could say Walmart Special Edition in purple and people are still going to buy it. If you dont, then who's the moron?

ATi_Elite2156d ago

This is Gamestops Last Hoo-rah before Next Console Gen and the Cloud kills them off!!!

if you own Game Stop stock I suggest you sell now cause Next Gen Game Stop will rapidly decline cause Microsoft/Sony DO NOT like seeing game Stop make money from used game sales and have plans to end that once and for all.

More Digital Downloads, More Cloud Games, More Games that activate only to ONE Console, Games that Only activate to ONE Live/PSN account!

So Game Stop beware cause it's coming.....I have seen it!

MoveTheGlow2156d ago

It's all part of physical retailers' plans to drive themselves out of business:

1) Let digital distribution pass you by!
2) Make physical-copy box art uglier!
3) Do not profit!

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jc485732157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

sigh....they did this for Assassin's Creed 2, which I later returned to get it exchanged. They can call it "Gamestop Edition" if they like, but the Gamestop logo on the left....I was never really a big fan of their logos.

-Mika-2157d ago

It just a logo... Even if you not a fan of it, it blends in well with the boxart. Stop being so picky. It not a good character trait.

MostJadedGamer2157d ago

I am a Gamestop fan so I don't mind the branding at all.

jc485732157d ago

I guess you can say this is passable, but AC2 was just plain ridiculous; it's like the logo was just there. My other problem is that big red dot, whose bright mind was it? Not sure if Gamestop or Ubisoft did it.

Starbucks_Fan2157d ago

Stop posting. Being an idiot is not a good character trait.

Sovereign592156d ago

We should be able to be slightly picky when it comes to something we are paying $60 for.
It isn't a real disaster, no, but I would prefer it if it were not on the cover.
The only reason I ever buy a game from Gamestop is so I can get it at midnight. I just can't stand to wait those extra 7-9 hours until the other stores open up to start playing my new games. If the local Wal Mart or any other store around here held a midnight release for half the games my local Gamestop does, I'd be ordering them there, but sadly this is not the case.

Quetzll2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )


Walmart and other 24-hour stores have a legal obligation to sell you a game the midnight it is released. If you don't see the game on the shelves, ask a clerk. If they say they can't sell it to you yet or that they don't have it in stock yet, they're probably bullshitting and are just typical, lazy 3rd shift walmart employees.. ask the manager if you have to.

Sovereign592156d ago

@ Quetzll
My local Wal Mart closes at 11PM and I only know of 2 occasions where it has held a midnight release.

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Agent_00_Revan2157d ago

The giant red circle was bad enough, which i hope is only sticker. But that's just ugly and annoying.

Although the greater annoyance is each stores 'exclusive' content. I'd have yo buy the game about 6 times to have a 'Complete' game.

Knight_Crawler2156d ago

I think the PS3 has 3 exclusive levels.

Burning_Finger2157d ago

Retail value automatically drops by 50%. Gamestop and their asinine branding.

MostJadedGamer2157d ago

The Gamestop logo makes it more valuable not less

KidCuDiWINS2157d ago

I'm getting it with the 500gb ps3 bundle, I don't want to see a Sony edition if there is one.