Wii U: The Second Coming of Wii MotionPlus

GenGAME writes: "Given the amount of support Wii MotionPlus is getting just at the Wii U launch – so far, more games than the peripheral had at its own summer 2009 launch – it seems to me that Nintendo’s trying to push MotionPlus as soon as possible to put the enhanced controller in the hands of as many people as possible early on in the Wii U life cycle."

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DivineAssault 2033d ago

Its still the same controller that got little support.. Only difference is the box & the sync button..

herbs2033d ago

Good read, I agree that the motion+ controllers still have a lot of potential left especially with the upgraded hardware. I would love to see games like Skyrim with solid motion control as an option. That would be much better than yelling at your Kinect if it was well implemented.

omarzy2033d ago

They really need to sell that Zelda controller separately.

Neonridr2032d ago

lol, it was a no brainer when the game came out. Spend an extra $20 to get a controller that is worth $40. You can find them on ebay, however be prepared to spend at least $70 for one. And there is no guarantee it's in great condition.

I am super happy I got one, because they are indeed rare now.

Jadedz2032d ago

Being able to use Wii accessories and software on the Wii U, is a good move by Nintendo.

3-4-52032d ago

I hope they make the Wii-remote Super Plus