Amazing FIFA Street 3 Commercial

Check out the amazing footwork by these guys in the new Fifa Street 3 commercial!

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IzKyD13313781d ago

even though the ball wasnt really there alot of the times, it still was pretty cool

LightningPS33781d ago

I also assumed that couldn't be real. If it was, there would be no stopping those people at Soccer.

resistance1003781d ago

Looks preaty real to me, ive seen people do that before. A FYI its called Football not soccer.

But just because they've got some skill means little if they can't apply it to a football match its useless.

Mattearl3781d ago

The backflip kicks back & forth across the buildings.... i'm thinking not.

But as far as the different kicks, you bet people can do it. No real point in a real soccer game, those opportunities are very rare. But i can do most of those "juggling" moves. Not too hard.

Very impressive video tho!

avacadosnorkel3781d ago

I wonder if these guys did the mo-cap?

beoulve3781d ago

I love the spinning jump kick pass to each other. You got to be stupid to think that is real. If they can do that on a volley with such high accuracy and power, they will be a goal keeper nightmare. If you play soccer, you will know how it is to control a volley even the pro doesn't have such high accuracy. All I see is some parkour with computer animated ball.

resistance1003781d ago

These are people who practice street football all the time.

'you will know how it is to control a volley even the pro doesn't have such high accuracy.'

If your following the US leagues then yes, however that league is the equilvant to League 1 or 2 in England in terms of players.

Tell that quote to the likes of Steven Gerarrd or Paul Scholes.

Vitalogy3781d ago

I totally agree with resistence100. You can't compare MLS to any european league it's a dumb thing to do.