The Duke Nukem Release Date Debacle

Kris Graft of Next-Gen writes: A simple story about a highly-anticipated (for over a decade now) piece of gaming software turned into quite the reporting fiasco over the past days.

About a week ago, the Dallas Business Journal ran a story stating that Garland, Tex.-based Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms had "confirmed" a late 2008 release for Duke's next long-delayed adventure.

Following the report, Next-Gen contacted 3D Realms' boss Scott Miller promptly for confirmation. What we got was a one-line e-mail from the always-outspoken Miller:

"Quite simply, they are lying bastards and they know it."

During the course of the day, the DBJ updated its story, removing the "confirmed" line and scaled back the statement, saying Duke Nukem Forever is "possible" in 2008, and noted the story's update.

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