Is 40 Hours Enough Playtime Anymore?

"It was recently revealed in a Polish Magazine called CD-Action that the entirety of the Assassin’s Creed III game will be playable over 40 hours. This includes 20 hours of main plot and 20 hours of side quest, giving plenty for people to occupy themselves with. "

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Shadonic2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

yes its more than enough especially if the story and gameplay are good

GrahamGolden2154d ago

the assassins creeds games were always repetitive after the first 5 dunno during the middle if its gonna be fun.

all the others AC so far were repetitive good games but repetitive.

GamingManiac2154d ago

Didn't bother me, not even in AC1...

Kurt Russell2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Same, although repetitive I haven't tired of it yet... I just like stabbing up fools!

darthv722153d ago

who has gamed since pong. I welcome the longer games. I can remember buying a new game back on the snes or genesis and beating it the first day.

We still have those types of games but the ones that have an involving storyline are what I look for most.

Sugreev20012153d ago

AC1 was repetitive,but ACII was longer and better in every way.Of course some mission types did repeat,but far far less than in the case of AC1.

STONEY42153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

AC1 was fine. It did have repetitive side missions, but you didn't need much to unlock the assassination, and the assassinations themselves are still my favorite in the series with the number of different ways you can approach them. AC2 was fine. All of the main story missions were varied enough, and simply plowing through the main story took a good 15-20 hours.

I hated Brotherhood for the sheer amount of play-time padding with running around buying properties, the comparatively poor dungeon/lair/platforming-side- mission design, more running around, sidequests repetitive on AC1's level (albeit with better mechanics, but there are 10 times more of them). The big "assassin brotherhood" system also just felt like another time sink.

Even apart from the time padding, the combat was made stupidly easy with the killstreak system along with calling in assassins. Ezio's story just felt like a way to stretch out the ending of AC2, and doesn't feel like it was necessary at all. The number of the actual story missions that aren't introductions to sidequests, variations to sidequests, or tutorials for a mechanic or a new weapon, is small.

It felt like they stretched a 6-8 hour game to 20+ hours. It baffles me how my total playtime is 24 hours in Brotherhood, without even completing all the sidequests, and it feels like more than half of that was unnecessary fluff and running around. In AC2, it's around 23, and that's with platinuming the game, and the majority of that was story.

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Blacktric2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Is this a joke? So as we move further and further into the new generation, we should expect a game, any game, to last at least more than 40 hours? He should also write something similar regarding movies too since it's been more than a century since the first movie's been made. We should now expect a movie to last at least 25 hours. Sometimes I wonder if these people can't think of anything better to write...


" Minecraft’s infinite playtime and GTA 4’s 30 hour main quest and 70 hour side quests."

Yep. This guy is high. Claiming that Minecraft has an infinite playtime while implying that most other games don't and him, personally, not being able to finish GTA IV with all of its side quests under 30 hours is nothing but a pathetic fabrication to support his own delusions.

raWfodog2153d ago

Of course not every game needs to be that long but it would be nice if the AAA titles provided more than a 10-hour single-player campaign.

To tell the truth, many gamers' short attention spans won't last that long so, yeah, it could be a problem :)

MostJadedGamer2153d ago

No he's talking about other games massive play times, and wishes AC3 could also provide the same amount of hours.

I also would like to get a 100 hours playtime out of AC3, but I doubt I get more then 50.

sourav932153d ago

Finishing GTA IV with all side quests in under 30 hours? You sure /you're/ not high?

Blacktric2153d ago


I got the Liberty City Minute trophy (complete the main story mission in less than 30 hours) in my very first playthrough of the game (finished the game in less than 22 hours, watched all the cutscenes and rarely used a taxi) but I forgot to complete around 5-10 sidequests. And then about a year ago I started doing my platinum playthrough on PS3 again and this time completed all the sidequests (including the find 30 cars described via text message one and every single character encounter) in less than 29 hours, again, without skipping any cutscenes and barely using the taxi service AND using an online guide only once to check the location of one single car I couldn't find myself. That's all.

Norrison2153d ago

Games that have last long are the best ones if they're not repetitive, I hate 6-10 hour linear shooters.

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MostJadedGamer2153d ago

I say no. I would like a 100 hours of playtime.

TekoIie2153d ago

Well considering that theres a 40 hour SP, MP and achievement hunting I think I'm going to get something along the lines of 100+ hours out of this game (Halo 4's release is going to pull me away from it lol).

So based on all that I think this game's length is very good :)

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Convas2154d ago

How could a game the same length as the average work week not be "enough" any more?

With the amount of games that I want to get around to playing this generation, that's quite enough.

LOGICWINS2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

"Is 40 Hours Enough Playtime Anymore?"

In NYC(Times Square/Broadway), seeing a movie at night costs around $18 a ticket(around $20 if it's a 3D movie) for a 2-3 hour experience that can only be experienced ONCE.

For $60, YES, 40 hours of fun non-repetitive gameplay full of variety is enough playtime.

Yeah, Skyrim has hundreds of hours of gameplay, but the main narrative will NEVER be as tightly woven or well executed as an Assassin's Creed or GTA title.

Shok2154d ago

In a world of 3-hour FPS campaigns, yes.