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Here we go again. FPS season is back in order. Black Ops comes soon, Halo is in 2 weeks, so for now, let’s see if EA can steal the thunder with it’s own title, the long running Medal of Honor series, this time titled Warfigther. Does this game warrant another tour of duty for the modern day FPS genre or is it time to pack it up and accept the discharge (honorable or otherwise).

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gobluesamg2063d ago

Ridiculous! It's not a broken unplayable mess of a game. I know it's their opinion but let's be reasonable.

Cam9772063d ago

Whilst it may not be the best, they may have jumped on the "lets hate MOH:WF" bandwagon.

DarkTower8052063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I have to agree. All the bad reviews actually prompted me to try it out. I Redboxed it with the free codes that were on here. It's definately not a bad game. The story and action were good. There were alot of CODesque moments where I shook my head, but it still felt somewhat original. There are some horrible things wrong with the game though. The friendly AI is next to useless, giving the Tier 1 name a bad name. Countless times I'd be waiting on my team to engage the next checkpoint and they would just stand there. Other times my "Tier 1" team would let enemy AI go past them straight to me without shooting them. The enemy AI is dumb as rocks as well. There were also game bugs where I would have to restart the game to proceed through a checkpoint. Also audio bugs. How many times did I jump on a mounted mg only to not hear the sound of my fire? How many times did I fire my weapon and it not make a sound?'s unexcusable.

Don't get me started on the horrid FB engine. It SHOULD NOT be used on console games, keep it to PC where it actually works. The lighting adds so much contrast there were points where I couldn't zoom in my scope to engage enemies because all I would see is a blinding light.

This game was an unfinished, unpolished, bug ridden mess...but the action and story was good, it did keep me playing nonstop. I'd give it a 7/10. I expect better from an esteemed franchise like MOH, I expect to play a polished game. People can rag on COD all they want, but the fact is every COD single player campaign is polished, very little bugs and looks great. MW3 looked miles better than MOH Warfighter (except for the MOH cutscenes).

guitarded772063d ago

But it's cool to hate on MoH now... hating on CoD is so last year. I honestly don't know how good or bad the game is, I will find out for myself when I score it on Black Friday for $20-$30.

@ gobluesamg - Who's your avatar of? She's smokin.

gobluesamg2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Shit I wish I could tell you her name. Just another gorgeous internet model.

Research: LAURA DORE!!!!!

jjb19812063d ago

The console versions have serious issues

Ju2063d ago

Which one would that be? Just curious.

ElitaStorm2063d ago

if you wonder why so low

go watch gametrailers review, they make a valid point

i really hate scripted games... they don't give you any choices

DarkTower8052063d ago

"they don't give you any choices"

Haha, that is true. Try exploring an area and you might get greeted with a "you are leaving the player area" message and a quick death. Lets face it, almost every game is linear, but don't kill me for trying to find an alternate route or explore an area...jeez.

ElitaStorm2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

dude have you played Wolfenstein 3-D?

point and shoot, LVL2, point and shoot, LVL3.

YOU see they can do that but they can also make it interesting

that is missing from the game, maybe it's because of the storyline

finbars752063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Until you play it yourself then you and the others should have no opinion at all.Actually gametrailers didnt have alot of valid points at all.I at least played the SP which is great and the AI arent as bad as they say it is.The MP isnt the best but its smooth and the fireteam brings something new to the table.If all you guys do is go by someone elses reviews then that tells me alot about the direction that gamers are going.Look at the reviews for MW3 9/ 10s and look how bad that game turned out.So that really shows me that reviewers are very biased and obvisouly have different opinions then us gamers.In my opinion MOH is at least a 7/10.The SP is a hell of alot better then some over the top silly bullshit game like COD,Crysis2 ect.thats my opnion and alot of people feel the same way.Its just to bad you guys missed out on a great deal for this game.$40 is a great deal and now all you guys who listened to reviewers have had someone else make your decision for you good job guys real good job.

Ju2063d ago

That GT was one of the worst I've seen. Almost sounded like he needed an opportunity to let go of all the shit he piled up in recent years. And MoH got it all. Most of what he said is true for quite a lot of games.

Cam9772063d ago

Scripted games are the problem! Just imagine if Hitman was scripted, it would suck. Other franchises really need to make this change in order to come above their competition.

BattleAxe2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Theres nothing wrong with scripted games as long as they're done properly. Call of Duty 4 was scripted, and is definitely one of the best FPS games this generation. Uncharted games are all scripted too, and of course they are some of the best games this generation. If a studio is going to make a scripted game, they better have some talented people working on the game.


I have been burned too many times this generation by not listening to the reviews. When a vast majority of game sites give a poor score its for a reason. These days, my attitude is that I'm not willing to waste money by taking a chance on a poorly rated game, especially when I know there are more than likely going to be quite a few AAA games coming out within the next 6 months, like The Last of Us, Far Cry 3, God of War: Ascension, Halo4, Black Ops 2 and maybe GTA5.

Ju2063d ago

You guys crack me up. Do you even know what "scripted" means? LOL

Unlimax2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

The game doesn't meet your expectation , we know that already !

but 3.5 / 10 !!? .. i feel sorry for the developers they work a bit hard on this one Especially in the driving stages they did a good job on those , sadly they didn't expect this wave of blind & hate reviews !

Alright .. nevermind let's see what those "reviewers" gonna give COD BO2 !

hardcorehippiez2063d ago

i dont care for reviews any more. this game is as good as the last one and quite enjoyable. For to say its a 3.5 out of 10 suggests its broken has major glitch problems and it doesnt . any body using these sites for their choice on games to purchase are mad in the head and will end up missing a lot of games this generation. simply ridiculous

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