God of War Chains of Olympus: Menage et trois Gameplay *Contains Nudity*

*Contains Nudity* Kratos still somehow finds enough time for the ladies.

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zakupilot2563663d ago


yea i am getting that game. my penis tells me too

HeartlesskizZ3663d ago

As much as I love GOW I would hate for this game to be brought to another episode of FOX' SEXBOX

hazeblaze3663d ago

Well, GOW II had a sex minigame like that too... and no one even seemed to make a big deal out of it!!! I was surprised!

PlayStation3603663d ago

All of them had a minigame, GOW1, 2, and now this one. i guess it's a safe bet GOW3 will have one too. :P

romemac73662d ago

only with the power of ps3 and psp can we have sex in game. no doubt GOW3 sex minigame is going to look great in true 4D HD 1080P graphics.

SRuN43663d ago

You know, we hate it when the main stream media blasts video games, but gaming websites give them the ammo. Thanks for helping the other side out on this!

Also this is just like the opening of God of War 2, same sort of thing but it was a peeing fountain in GOW2 instead of a candle.

SmokeyMcBear3663d ago

funny how the other two god of war titles had almost this exact same sex scene.. and nobody said anything.. funny indeed

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The story is too old to be commented.