Assassin's Creed 3 hands-on: three hours as a mass-murdering Mohawk town-planner | OXM UK

OXM UK: "We played the entirety of Sequence Six which, according to Alex Hutchinson, is 'the point at which the game really begins to open up.' It begins in Connor's base of operations, his Homestead in Davenport that's substantially larger and emphatically more sophisticated than Ezio's villa."

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GuruStarr781871d ago

Just started playing it this morning.... this game is EPIC!

Walker1871d ago

Me too, Game of the Year, easily .

the_hitman30001871d ago

Idk why some one disagreed this is deff has a great chance of goty lol

seanpitt231871d ago

Hope it's better than revelations

BlmThug1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Lucky you. I have to wait till Tuesday at the earliest :( And I won't even be home till atleast 6PM

Cam9771871d ago

Lucky you! I'm just going to wait until Christmas. Right now, Uncharted 3: GOTY and Dark Souls occupies the majority of my gaming time.

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SAE1871d ago

I will get it tomorrow :)
Just pre order it today ..