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Machinima: "Hotline Miami is one of the very few games that is a perfect union of gameplay mechanics and production values. If you’re interested in games as a medium, play this game immediately."

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Bigpappy1972d ago

I think this type of game would do much better on cell phones at $1.99-4.99. Definite not something I see grabbing the attention of many Xbox gamers. Not because it is not a fun game, but because for the same money or lest, you can much more appealing games that aren't getting much attention right now.

The solution would be to bring that price way down and hope that enough people pick it up to play the developer for his effort. As it is they will loose every penny.

TooTall191972d ago

It's not even on consoles, and I doubt you have played it to know how appealing it is.

Moncole1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Its only on PC. And this game would be impossible on a phone because it hard.

kwyjibo1972d ago

There is no way this could work on a phone.

You're right, it won't grab the CODtards because you're not killing Arabs on behalf of the people of America.

I've so far put over 12 hours into this game, which is 12 hours more than I'll be putting into Warfighter. Boo-Yah!

JohnApocalypse1972d ago

I hope this comes to Mac or consoles

1972d ago
Hufandpuf1972d ago

This game is hard as shit.

-Gespenst-1972d ago

This game, for all it's repulsiveness, seems really interesting. Just how it seems to deal with violence in the media and in entertainment, as well as the nature of authority. Also the surreal aspect of it is really enticing.

Finally, what seems like a violent game that isn't mindless. (Still monstrously violent, but with what seems to be quite an intelligent point to make)

vortis1972d ago

It's a great game, and it's very hard.

The story takes some turns you just don't see coming. It was executed superbly and gives you a lot of food for thought.