Xbitlabs: abit IX38 QuadGT Mainboard Review

Xbitlabs writes:

"We were expecting something new and we got it. Unfortunately, new doesn't always mean 'better'. abit IX38 QuadGT mainboard is based on a new Intel X38 Express chipset, but its advantages are not that evident. They may matter more in the future, but higher price and higher heat dissipation do matter now already. We got a new cooling system, but its design is questionable and its cooling efficiency may be insufficient in some cases. Power-saving technologies do not work during overclocking any more, the bundle got a little more modest, and other than that everything remained the same.

Speaking of abit IX38 QuadGT mainboard we have to stress, though, that despite a few things we wish had been better, it is an excellent product. It boasts remarkable features and functionality, overclocks processors quickly and easily. It is a good board, which will hopefully become better with the time."

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