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GameTrailers: "007 Legends was clearly rushed to market, and the publisher has such a spotty track record with the franchise, that it's high time for the Bond license to be revoked. Uglier than Jaws and shorter than Nick Nack, 007 Legends doesn't expect you to gawk. Oh no Mr. Bond fans, it expects you to cry. Mission succeeded."

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Der_Kommandant2155d ago

One minute of silence for another franchise destroyed

Cam9772155d ago

This generation seems to have an addiction to decimating once decent franchises. For example:
007 games, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Tony Hawks,C&C and Battlefield (I speak of course about the way Premium has been handled).
Feel free to add more!

Pintheshadows2155d ago

Considering what you're working with it shouldn't be possible to make a bad Bond game. I wish someone with genuine talent was handed the IP.

Krimmson2155d ago

So they go from rebooting James Bond in Casino Royale to now going, "Nope, he actually does all of these things as well."

Very confusing indeed. Probably would've been best if they made a Bond that didn't resemble an actor that portrayed Bond in a movie. But hey, movie licenses can be a pain in the ass.

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