NCsoft Sees Sales, Profits Down In Q4

Publisher NCsoft has announced its holiday quarter results, with sales down slightly to 89.1 billion Won ($94.3 million), and profits down 45 percent to 10.3 billion Won ($10.9 million), as Tabula Rasa and continued Lineage sales push quarter-over-quarter growth.

For its full year ended December 31st, sales were down 3 percent from the previous year to 330 billion Won ($349.1 million) and profits were up 18 percent to 45 billion Won ($47.6 million).

Over the coming year, the company looks to commence with a short open beta test of its next MMO, Aion, and to launch the full game three months after its Korean launch. It also notes it has a "variety of casual online games" coming in 2008 including first person shooter Point Blank, sidescrollers Punch Monster and Dragonica, and rhythm and dance game LoveBeat.

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