Call of Duty: Endlessly Hopscotching Over The Shark

"For all its faults and shortcomings and repetitiveness, no one can deny that Activison’s Call of Duty of franchise is one of the most successful first person shooters, multi-platform franchises, multiplayer titles – the list goes on – of all time. For every little asset reused, every familiar gun, every side character killed off, no one can deny that. When the first Call of Duty came around, it introduced a side of World War 2 we had never seen before: One that could be extremely realistic, while still packing in tons of action and excitement. It only got better with Call of Duty 2, which trounced the floor with Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor franchise."

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legendof1172155d ago

Call of Duty is an amazing franchise.

Yes, to some it's grown stagnant.

Call of Duty has helped gaming break into the mainstream.

Has anyone noticed gaming is very, well, appreciated now?

But with that in mind publishers and developers have realized the potential for PROFITS.

It's a mother****** double-edged sword.

Bonerboy2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I agree with evadus. After all the whining and complaining about COD is a rehash and all such similar crappings; it is still the best and most fun shooter out there.
One could always pick up MoA as it is supposed to be a stellar title.... no wait, it's a mediocre piece of sh*t. CoD it is then.

Scenarist2155d ago Show