Indie Developer: Developing a game is “easier” without a “publisher breathing down my neck”

"When we asked him how different it is being an indie developer, without having a publisher behind your back, he said it’s easier to make the game without any pressure and that you can do it on your own time."

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-Mika-1938d ago

Well excuse the developer for checking on his investment.

Blankman851938d ago

Sure, lets excuse the publisher, will we also excuse the game when it turns out like MoH Warfighter?

SilentNegotiator1938d ago

The problem here is that you're assuming that the publisher is EA and Mika is (likely) assuming that it is not.

There are plenty of decent publishers to work with, plenty that suck, and plenty that are somewhere in-between.

pompombrum1938d ago

Yeah go ask how that's working out for EA. Better yet, go ask any BW developer who worked on SWTOR how that worked out for them.

JBSleek1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Considering they are paying for the games and the workers a publisher is unlike any other boss. They are shelling out millions of dollars so I would be "breathing down their neck" as well.

You could go indie and not have as much money or resources or do publisher and have the resources and workers yet have strict restrictions. Weigh the trade offs really.

DivineAssault 1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

The publisher is the one who invests.. I can see that many publishers destroy dev teams.. Look at what EA has done to bioware.. Putting time restraints, contractual limitations, & of course their cut of the proceeds.. Its a double edged sword.. Devs can get their games out with international distribution but prolly only see a fraction of the pay out..

from the beach1938d ago

Gives you the freedom to poop out any old rubbish I guess.

Detoxx1938d ago

So you expect someone to pay millons for your game, and then not expect anything in return? (Like DLC, deadline, premium).

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